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April 20, 2004

Tommy Haas


TOMMY HAAS: ... Got a good night sleep, and I slept pretty good through the night, which was very important. And, you know, obviously, this plays differently than last week, so it's always tough to get used to the conditions. But just try to keep the ball in play and grind against Malisse. I know him pretty well from practicing with him at the Academy all the time. So, you know...

Q. You are the only guy who played Sunday in Houston and came here. Did you have some hesitation?

TOMMY HAAS: Expectation?

Q. No, did you have...

TOMMY HAAS: ...hesitation?

Q. Yeah.

TOMMY HAAS: Oh, no. Most of the American players, they knew before the tournament that they were not gonna come here probably. Because of the ATP rule, they enter anyways which is, you know, arguable. But I was gonna come anyway.

Q. How did you feel winning on clay in Houston?

TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, it was great. I mean, you know, after being away for 16 months and coming back, playing my fifth tournament and beating Andy in the final and winning a title again after, you know, two and a half years, it was great, you know. It was already big to get to the final, but to actually win a tournament and hold a trophy again, you know, that's worth the wait and all the rehab and all the stuff that's been going on. It's definitely a nice feeling, and I'd like to have it again some time.

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