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August 26, 1996

Tommy Haas


Q. Tommy, could you reflect on your first Grand Slam experience? What was it like out there? Was it what you expected it would be?

TOMMY HAAS: I came here as a qualifier. I qualified. So it was my first goal to do. Done pretty well, qualified. Playing against Michael Stich, a German player, very great, terrific. I got out there and played my best tennis that I could play. Actually, I had a chance in the fourth set to win the fourth set, three set points. I was cramping a little bit in my legs, hurting a little bit. Everything else was great. The people here cheering me on. First Grand Slam, it's very nice.

Q. Is it at all intimidating to play a guy who you've seen so much growing up and a countryman of yours?

TOMMY HAAS: Yes. It was more like a good honor for me to play against Michael Stich. Who knows when he's going to stop playing tennis. It was good to play him. It was a good experience. I had fun out there. It was good.

Q. Michael said you didn't seem to have a game plan or a strategy.

TOMMY HAAS: I did have a strategy.

Q. Could you tell us what it was?

TOMMY HAAS: You know, play my best tennis and, you know, just play and try to win. That's all. Like I said, in the fourth set, I had chances to win the fourth set. I don't know what other kind of strategy you need. If it's two sets to one for him, and you try to win the fourth set, you have set points.

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