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February 24, 2024

Christiaan Maas

Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Quick Quotes

Q. Not the result you wanted today; how would you reflect on your performance?

CHRISTIAAN MAAS: No, today wasn't good. I feel like I had a couple unlucky breaks early on, momentum-wise. Well, none of the three of us played very good. Didn't start off great. I think I got kind of unlucky on hole 5. I thought I hit a great tee shot. It was downwind, and I hit it, and I was yelling at the ball to get down, and it ended up short in the water. Made bogey there.

Hit a chip shot on 6 that kicked on the collar and just shot straight over the green.

But these stuff happen; it's why we play golf. But all over, the round today wasn't very good. Could have made a lot more birdies on the back nine. Could have made a couple more putts, and made a terrible bogey on 13. But so did everybody else. At inn also got unlucky on 13. But the way he finished was unbelievable.

Q. You're all friends; you know each other really well. What was the competition like out there? It seemed like it was nip and tuck all the way.

CHRISTIAAN MAAS: In the start, it was more chatty a little bit because we know each other pretty well. Especially Altin and Ivan; they've been playing together the last couple years while I've been in America. But towards the end it gets a little bit more serious, but we were still talking up and down the fairways. There's not anything bad happening if you talk with each other walking down the fairways and then focus on your shot.

Q. How much have you enjoyed this week? How much of an experience has this been playing the first Africa Amateur here?

CHRISTIAAN MAAS: It was a lot of fun. On your nerves the whole time because you know what's on the line, especially coming all the way home from America. It was a lot of fun. I love this place, and Mr. Rupert has always been nice to me with this place, so hopefully one day I can come down here as a champion.

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