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February 23, 2024

Kyra Van Kan

Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Quick Quotes

Q. You're the first champion of the Africa Amateur Women's Invitational. Tell us how you're feeling right now.

KYRA VAN KAN: I'm seriously overwhelmed. It's such an amazing feeling, and finishing here on such a prestigious golf course, really honored to have played golf in front of Mr. Rupert, you guys, the R&A, and Golf RSA. It's just incredible, this feeling.

Q. You were leading from the start; what kind of pressure does that bring on the final day when you have to go out there and maintain your lead?

KYRA VAN KAN: I felt more nervous this morning than finishing up. Anything can happen, especially around here. You seriously have to play good golf. Like I said, I played boring golf the whole front nine. It's a really tough front nine. The back nine is where you can score.

The last day, it's not really particular that you're going to shoot a low round, like 7-under, so I just decided to play boring golf and let everyone try and catch me.

Q. You're on a real winning streak just now. Do you feel like you're in the best form of your life?

KYRA VAN KAN: No, I feel like I could get a little bit better off the tee. Today I was pushing my drive a little bit out right, but it was manageable. I feel like I am hitting my irons pretty well, and I can level up a little bit.

Q. What was it like playing Leopard Creek and tell me your favorite hole this week.

KYRA VAN KAN: My favorite hole would have to be the 13th hole on the back nine. I just love that design so much. It's a little dogleg to the left, and it's got a stunning view.

While I didn't look at the view much this tournament because I was focusing on golf, I played the hole really nicely, and it rewarded me back.

Q. On the 18th you were celebrating, and Daniel, your boyfriend, who was also playing in the men's event this week, got in there and soaked you well with water. How nice was it for both of you to be playing this week and for him to see you win?

KYRA VAN KAN: Yeah, I'm really glad that he was here. I was so happy to see him come and wet me on the 18th. It's not often that we see each other because we're both so busy traveling around, and doing our own thing, playing golf, and trying to be the best player that we both can. It was really nice that he came and celebrated with me my achievement.

Q. With this win, also from getting your name on the trophy for the first time, an exemption into the Amateur and into final qualifying of the AIG Women's Open and a few other exemptions. How much are you looking forward to that and how important is it to have those opportunities as well as a trophy?

KYRA VAN KAN: Yeah, I'm really excited for this opportunity. I can't thank the R&A and Golf RSA enough for this amazing opportunity. To be able to go over and try to get into the AIG, it's just fabulous. I think I'll be able to get into the SA Women's Open, which will be in Cape Town at Erinvale. I played in it last year, so I was really hoping to play it again this year, so I'm just really so excited. It's always a privilege to be playing in special events.

Q. The women's event was a 20-woman field to start with, 54 holes. How do you see this developing over the years, and how much a platform can it be for golf in Africa for women?

KYRA VAN KAN: Yeah, definitely. I think a lot more countries will travel out to come here to especially play Leopard Creek. This was the first event, and yeah, I'm really honored to have my name on that trophy. I can't explain the feeling. I'm really happy right now.

It's definitely going to develop women's golf a little bit more in Africa, and yeah, definitely more competition will come through.

Q. Do you think this might be one that you'll look back on in years as well as being like proud of being the first winner seeing how it might have had a hand in developing the game?

KYRA VAN KAN: Yeah, this is something that I don't think I'll ever forget until I'm like 90. I think I'll always cherish this moment. Who knows, the R&A and Golf RSA, they've made this moment feel so special, and I'm forever grateful for that.

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