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February 22, 2024

Chanelle Wangari Mwangi

Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Quick Quotes

Q. How much did you enjoy today's round? How would you rate your performance?

CHANELLE WANGARI MWANGI: I really enjoyed myself out there today. We played in the morning. Yesterday we played in the afternoon, so just having to play in the morning today, I think bettered my game. It was fun. I had good company. Overall I'd rate my game today like a solid 9.

Q. What was it about your game that you enjoyed? There was some nice birdies in there. Can you talk us through some of those?

CHANELLE WANGARI MWANGI: Just switching my mentality, I think, and keeping my spirits up high. I started off -- through 4, I was 2-over, so just told myself it wasn't over yet. I was able to bring it back to level. I finished that nine level. Dropped a few shots again at the beginning, so just having a bit of a slow start. But switching my mentality and making myself aware that everything is not over until the last hole.

I think that was the main thing that kept me going today, just knowing that anything can happen, and that's how the birdies -- I went back-to-back, and then unfortunately 17 and 18 I dropped them, but either way I was proud of how my mental game was.

Q. Looking forward to tomorrow, you're still in contention. Do you think you can win it?

CHANELLE WANGARI MWANGI: Yeah, everyone is here to win it. For me, I'm just here to enjoy myself, just do the best I can. If I win it, I win it. If I play well, I play well. Just to enjoy myself in general.

Q. In terms of the experience overall, how much are you enjoying playing here this week at Leopard Creek and with the TV cameras and TV coverage and everything that's going on, how much are you enjoying it?

CHANELLE WANGARI MWANGI: It's a really good opportunity. The facilities are really good compared to what I'm used to. So just being out here, even not golf-wise, everything is just really nice, the range, the course. Just being present and being -- like just everything is nice. Everything is nice.

Q. Are you and the other girls in the field, you're all enjoying it? You seem to be having fun. Is that important?

CHANELLE WANGARI MWANGI: Yeah. At the end of the day, it's life. You don't take it too deep. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and live life.

Q. You recently moved to the United States?


Q. What are you doing over there? Is that to help with your golf?

CHANELLE WANGARI MWANGI: Yeah, the main reason I moved or relocated is because of my golf, the International Junior Golf Academy. I'm getting a lot of help compared to before, so I'm really enjoying myself out there.

Q. What sort of things are you doing there?

CHANELLE WANGARI MWANGI: I study there, but the main thing is golf for me, so I have a schedule fitted into my day. So I have golf in the morning, then school, then golf in the afternoon. Right now I'm working on changes in my swing, so there's bits of holes in my golf game, but other than that, it's really nice.

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