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February 2, 2024

Avani Prashanth

Pattaya, Thailand

Quick Quotes

Q. Sum up the round for us.

AVANI PRASHANTH: So I think the main thing I did well was that I putted really, really well today. Started off average with pulling my tee wood on 1 and then leaving my approach short, and then had a good 10-footer for par.

Made that, and I think that put me into a good roll.

Birdied 3rd, 4th, and 6th and I was really happy with that. Made a little bit of an error on 9 hitting the hazard and saved bogey there. Putter dried up a little bit in the back nine but then made one birdie and I am glad I finished 3-under. I'm sitting in a good position.

Q. Definitely sitting in a good position. What does that do for your mindset for the weekend?

AVANI PRASHANTH: I love chasing, so this has put me in a good positive mind frame that I'm doing what I like and there is no unnecessary pressure on me. I'm just excited to see how it pans out.

Q. Your putting you said was really great today. What clicked for you out there?

AVANI PRASHANTH: I think everything inside 15 feet, I saw it and I was making. I think that was something that I hope continues for the next two days. I think I was just reading it perfectly. Everything was falling. I think that was great.

Q. Does that make it a fun day for you out on the course?

AVANI PRASHANTH: Definitely. I think the first six holes I was just amazed at myself how good I was putting. But, yeah, definitely made it a lot more fun to see the par saves. It gets more exciting if you make those par saves.

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