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February 2, 2024

Rianne Mikhaela Malixi

Pattaya, Thailand

Quick Quotes

Q. Rianne, well done today. 3-under. An improvement on yesterday, but a little bit of a mixed bag out there for you today.

RIANNE MALIXI: Yeah, I left a couple holes out there. I was feeling a bit under the weather today. I was a bit dizzy when I woke up. Had a sore throat. Kept sneezing.

I'm not sick, though. It's just the allergies.

Yeah, I kind of scrambled out there today. I was easy on myself today, so I think that was the key for today.

Q. You must be proud then when you're not feeling well that you can still produce a decent round of golf?

RIANNE MALIXI: Yes, but it's not the best feeling in the world when you're sick. Yeah, I'm happy that I was able to be consistent today.

Q. I feel like we spoke about all the bad things. What was the highlight from your round?

RIANNE MALIXI: I would say, I mean, my irons were really good; driver was a lot better today. Played a lot wiser today, 3-under was the key today. Save all the best for tomorrow.

Q. You're a few back on the leaderboard, but still right there in the mix. Do you feel like a big weekend could propel you up?

RIANNE MALIXI: Yes, for sure. Got to go low this week if you really want the title. I'll just be focusing on one shot at a time and, yeah, that's the main key for tomorrow.

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