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February 2, 2024

Pimpisa Rubrong

Pattaya, Thailand

Quick Quotes

Q. Congratulations. 4-under yesterday; 4-under today as well. You made the cut for the first time. How do you feel right now?

PIMPISA RUBRONG: Yeah, I feel very excited because like it's my first time that I make a cut, but like I have more experience for this year, so I make it.

Q. And in terms of you've been very consistent the past two days, so it's no bogeys yesterday, four birdies, and today it's five birdies, one bogey. What has been the reason behind this consistency?

PIMPISA RUBRONG: So basically I just like play the plan that I made for the practice round. I just want to like putt close to get par. If I not get the birdie, just make a par.

Q. So you had that one bogey across the two days. What happened there?

PIMPISA RUBRONG: I have the bogey on hole 1. I hit in the bunker and the lie like is the hard lie, so I just like make not very good so I got bogey on that one.

Q. You're now in good position, in contention for the title. How are you going to approach the next two days?

PIMPISA RUBRONG: For the next two days I just like make same as yesterday or today. Just like follow my plan and play my best.

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