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February 2, 2024

Faith Vui

Pattaya, Thailand

Quick Quotes

Q. Hi, faith. So just didn't quite make the cut, but can you tell me about how the whole experience has been for you?

FAITH VUI: The whole experience has been really good. You know, traveling and just everything about it has been awesome. The golf course obviously is beautiful, awesome to play.

But, yeah, my experience here has been super great. As you said, didn't make the cut; didn't meet my own expectations; but it was a great experience.

Q. In terms of the golf, what didn't click for you the first two days?

FAITH VUI: So the first day it was mostly my irons. I couldn't straighten out my irons. My putting and off the tee was pretty good; today I just couldn't make my putts.

And then I just fell over on the back nine. Just made two many bogeys and couldn't save myself.

But, yeah, I played pretty well in the front nine; just didn't make my birdie putts that I gave myself.

Q. This is the first time that Samoa is in the mix in the Women's Amateur Asia Pacific. What does it mean to be able to represent Samoa and be part of this tournament?

FAITH VUI: Yeah, to be the first obviously I'm super proud. I'm very excited. To represent my country I'm very happy. The experience here, obviously I said, it's pretty good. It has been.

I think, yeah, playing for my country is always worthy of being proud of, but hopefully I can come back next time and hopefully maybe come back with somebody else or hopefully me coming here inspires others in my home country to represent their country and just, you know, do the best that they can.

And even though you don't succeed in your own expectations, as long as you tried it's okay.

But, yeah, I'm just super grateful and happy.

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