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February 2, 2024

Eila Galitsky

Pattaya, Thailand

Quick Quotes

Q. Started at the 10th?


Q. What happened there?

EILA GALITSKY: Honestly, just the tee shots, bad tee shots, bad second shots and left myself difficult places on the greens I guess.


Q. What about on 18? What happened there? Was it your second shot? You pulled it?

EILA GALITSKY: Yeah. There was a really big piece of mud stuck to my ball on the right side. I knew it was going to go left, but I didn't know how far left.

I did aim to the right but still kind of went a lot left. I actually hit that really, really good.

Tough luck today.

Q. On the greens is it a case of misreading or not having the pace today?

EILA GALITSKY: Yeah, I think my reads were pretty good today. It was just maybe my stroke and the pace. I don't know, nothing just felt right today.

Q. But it's only halfway. Still in a decent position.


Q. Keep going? Still got some confidence for the weekend?

EILA GALITSKY: Yeah. I mean, I'm playing the weekend, so after today's round, pretty thankful for that.

Q. When you're in a round like that, you look to be getting down on yourself, how do you stop that or get yourself back into the moment?

EILA GALITSKY: I know I can do well. Just try to finish the round as good as possible. I just know that I can probably get something going the next two days.

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