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January 25, 2024

Carlos Alcaraz

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

A. ZVEREV/C. Alcaraz

6-1, 6-3, 6-7, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. How do you process that? Because after slipping two sets to love down, you produced some incredible tennis towards the end of the third set. How do you process the fact that now you didn't go on to win?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Say again, please?

Q. After going two sets to love down you produced some incredible tennis at the end of the third set to break and then in the tiebreak, and then obviously Zverev broke again in the fourth set. How do you process your thoughts to having got to that level and dipping again?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Let's say I'm glad to end in the third set playing great tennis. Then the beginning of the fourth set, I couldn't stay at this level. It was a pity. But anyways, I found, you know, the way to break him, his serves again, and stay on the match. But, you know, I think I had chances, you know, in the 4-3 in the fourth set. I didn't take it.

I mean, I think I played good tennis in the fourth set. Obviously not to my best level, but, you know, it was a good one. Didn't make my chances. You know, a lot of up-and-downs with my level, with my tennis, with the serves. I didn't find a good serve. He was starting to or he was returning very well. So it was tough to deal with the pressure that he puts me in every point with my serve.

That's it. I have to improve. I have to still working on it, and let's see in the future. But, you know, it's a shame of my level today.

Q. How do you evaluate the whole tournament? You have only been here a few times. Reached the quarterfinal for the first time. Can you give us a summary of how you feel about the whole tournament.

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, it has been a good tournament for me, making quarterfinals, playing good tennis.

As I said, I'm sad with my level today, because I have been playing good tennis, you know, the round before this one with a lot of confidence. Serving pretty well that I didn't show this good level of serves that I was showing before this match.

So but in general, you know, I leave the tournament happy. Forgetting about today's level. But in general I think I did a pretty good tournament. You know, I played great matches. And obviously quarterfinal of a Grand Slam is good. Is not what I'm looking for, but is not bad, you know. Quarterfinal is a good run.

But as I said, with the level that I was playing before, coming into this match with a lot of confidence, knowing that I'm playing good tennis is, it's a shame that I started the match like the way that I did and ending the way that I did. But it's tennis.

Q. You have played in this tournament without your main coach. What do you think if this affected on your result?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: No, it didn't affect at all. As I said, I was playing great tennis, you know, without him. I had someone that is a pretty good coach as well. I trust him 100%, as I said before the tournament began. It didn't affect me at all.

Q. Did the energy of the crowd sort of lift you in the third set? Is that sort of what sparked that comeback, taking it to a tiebreak and producing some pretty amazing shots?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Probably. I think it was a fourth set because of the crowd, and the way that they bring energy to me, it was crazy. I was down, totally down, and they started -- or they didn't stop to supporting me, so it was crazy.

So I want to thank them, you know, to stay there, believing in me, supporting me in every ball, in every point.

So probably the comeback, you know, in the third set, it was thanks to them. Without them probably would lost in three sets.

Q. You were the only man to beat Novak in a Grand Slam tournament last year. Do you think there is somebody else who might be able to do it this time?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, I think the players that are in the semifinals have the level to beat him. Let's see.

It's not easy to beat Novak in a tournament, but I think it's even tougher in a Grand Slam. But he has to face Jannik Sinner, that he's playing an unbelievable game. He has not dropped a set in this tournament. That means that he has the level and the capacity to beat Novak.

So let's see. I'm gonna watch the matches, of course. And yeah, I think the players that are in this stage has the level to beat him.

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