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January 25, 2024

Hsieh Su-Wei

Elise Mertens

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference


7-5, 1-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations. If I can just bring both of you back to match point, Elise, what an unbelievable shot that was crosscourt. Can you just talk us through what it was like, just right in that moment.

ELISE MERTENS: I mean, it was an unbelievable feeling. I didn't hear the call out, so I was, like, okay, this one is it.

But yeah, I kind of -- Kata was coming to the net. I was like, Okay, this is my only option for now. I mean, it's a great way to finish the match. Of course all the emotions afterwards. I felt like it was a very difficult match too. You know, I had to stay focused all the time, not giving any points away. So it felt really good to end it that way.

THE MODERATOR: Su-Wei, just that breakpoint, as well, the incredible hands at the net. You had a bit of a celebration afterwards. What was it like to get your team into that position?

HSIEH SU-WEI: Inspiration for the match point, right? (Smiling.)

ELISE MERTENS: She was, like, Wee-hee.

I was, like, Okay, I'll stay focused. I need to serve. (Laughter.)

HSIEH SU-WEI: That's good you stay focused.


Q. It was a really close match overall. What were the crucial points from your perspective in this match?

ELISE MERTENS: I mean, it was really difficult, because almost every game was 40-All. I felt they hit a lot of returns in, they were close up on the net.

I think just to play point by point was very important, even though if it was 40-15 or 15-40, I think we didn't really look at the score. But then we had the, you know, like, the game we played was more important, you know, to finish off the right way, as we did for 4-3 to 6-3, I think that really helped us, the momentum was going into our way a little bit.

Yeah, the way we played was more important than the score at that time.

Q. Is the old feeling back from 2021 with you playing together?

HSIEH SU-WEI: It's a little bit different because we haven't played for few years. But I know what she doing, so I was watching her at home on the TV. I have a big TV to make sure I follow all the girls.

ELISE MERTENS: Sometimes I know what she's doing too. (Laughter.)

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