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January 25, 2024

Simone Bolelli

Andrea Vavassori

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference


6-3, 3-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Andrea and Simone, congratulations, through to the final. Tell us what it's like to have the opportunity to compete in a Grand Slam final. Of course, Simone, a champion here in 2015, just explain what it's like to get back into an Australian Open final, as well.

ANDREA VAVASSORI: Yeah, for me is an amazing feeling. As we said in the past days, we were feeling good together. We play at the end of the season, from the half of the season last season, and we play very good together. But we didn't expect as a first tournament of the year, after didn't play for some months after US Open, a result like this.

We are very happy. We enjoy the atmosphere of the last two matches, and today was a fight. The German team was very tough today. Good players from the baseline. They play also good doubles, so was not easy.

But we managed to stay in the match to fight. Our goal was to fight every point, and I think the attitude was in the right way today.

THE MODERATOR: Simone, back into the final.

SIMONE BOLELLI: Yeah, for me obviously is great emotion, great feeling. Very happy to be in another final here. Happy to be with Andrea. We have a great feeling on the court. Today the match was really fighting. We fight until the end.

It was a crazy match. Now we are in the final. We try to recover tomorrow, to rest, to practice good, and to put on court Saturday the last energy that we have, and try to enjoy this moment also.

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