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September 6, 1998

Oliver Gross

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. At any point did it feel like the match was slipping away? He kept coming back on you. You guys were kind of trading bombs all afternoon.

OLIVER GROSS: Yeah, after I lost the third set, I started cramping in my legs. I said, "Oh, Jesus, this is going to be tough to win." But the trainer treated me. He gave me some ice cream -- not ice cream (laughter). I wish it was ice cream. It was like some real cold cream, and then it got better. I stayed in there.

Q. At what point did you kind of get it in your mind that this was your match, that you were going to win it?

OLIVER GROSS: After I won the fourth set, I saw he was getting tired, too. He didn't move that well anymore. The good thing was, all these people, I mean, the crowd was huge, but I stayed pretty calm.

Q. Is this the longest match you've ever played?

OLIVER GROSS: I don't know. Well, it was quite long, 3 hours, 40 minutes. A few days ago I played Costa. I guess it was over three hours, as well. But I think this was the longest, by far.

Q. Did you cramp at all against Costa? I forget.

OLIVER GROSS: No, not at all.

Q. So it's kind of a cumulative thing, do you think that's why it happened today?

OLIVER GROSS: There was more pressure today, I guess. That's why I started cramping a little bit.

Q. Is he a tough guy to play because of his flat strokes and unconventional approach?

OLIVER GROSS: Yes. He's a very good hard court player. He plays flat and fast, really fast. He stays at the baseline, so you really have to grind it out.

Q. Feel like you just played a Davis Cup match a little bit?


Q. That crowd was pretty much in his favor, the whole way.

OLIVER GROSS: The crowd was pretty fair. That was all right.

Q. Is this the best fight of your career?

OLIVER GROSS: I think so, yeah.

Q. A lot of players have been complaining about the wind and the conditions out on the courts. What's your reaction to that?

OLIVER GROSS: Well, my opponent has the same problems, so we have to deal with it.

Q. Was it a distraction or was --

OLIVER GROSS: I think today, it was thought that windy. It was okay. Sometimes a little bit, so you had to adjust your throw on the serve a little bit, but that's it.

Q. What's your reaction to being around, heading to the next round? Are you excited?

OLIVER GROSS: Right now I'm really tired. I guess tomorrow I'm going to be more happy than now. Right now I'm more happy that it's over.

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