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April 18, 2000

Sebastien Grosjean

Q. It is true that the beginning of the match in the first set was extremely tight. He could have been up 4-Love and you pulled out of it and you played your best tennis.

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: In the beginning the balls were not very hard, but the court was heavy and it was completely different from the three first matches. Then I played four excellent games. He was aggressive. I had three or four breakpoints in the beginning of the second set.

Q. Yes, it was a very long game. It lasted ten minutes.

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, I had three or four breakpoints. It is a pity he started playing better. He was aggressive. I was serving worse and he addressed me on my second serve. After he won that set logically. In the third I didn't serve well. The balls were heavy and I had difficulties to make good first serves.

Q. Did you feel the match was turning around after the second game of the first set? Did you feel he was getting stronger in his game?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: It is difficult to play against him. He seems very much relaxed on the court and we have the impression he is going to let go the next point and in fact, he fights and he wins the point. In the third set I had twice a break and if I had confirmed that break at least once, it would have been completely different.

Q. Finally you were not able to win your first serve one single time in two sets, it doesn't happen often to you, does it?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yeah, especially during the third I was up 3-Love, it is a pity. I would have needed to feel my first serves better so that I would be less aggressed on my second serve. But as a whole it was a positive match.

Q. You are paying your efforts of the former week where you struggled a lot --

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I was a bit tired but he was tired too. In Estoril he went to the semis and he played four matches in a row. I was a bit tired but it wasn't really a factor preventing me from playing.

Q. In the first set you have him in front of you on the other side of the court and he plays pretty well. He makes it tight and still you are able to win the set 6-2 against such a high level player, you believe it is satisfying?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I had won against him in Rotterdam.

Q. He was playing well?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: It was a fast surface and I knew how to play. I tried today not to let him lead the game because he loves that. During the first set I tried to stay inside of the court and to make him move a lot because he doesn't move especially well. But after, as soon as he was able to step into the court, he took the advantage.

Q. He hits very hard?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, and he hits the ball very early. He has a wonderful backhand that he is able to put along the lines.

Q. Now you are concentrating on doubles?


Q. What is your season on clay court, what are you doing afterwards?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Barcelona, a week's break then Rome and Hamburg.

Q. You prefer playing on clay or on hard court?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I still prefer hard courts but I learned how to play on clay, so it doesn't bother me at all.

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