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April 22, 1999

Sebastien Grosjean


ATP: Questions, please.

Q. You were not far from winning in two sets.

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, I had many opportunities, especially in the second set, I could have had a second break. I didn't serve as well starting from there. He started playing better and serving better. In the tiebreak, I was up 4-2. He made a backhand down the line, hitting the frame a little bit. He was a bit lucky.

Q. You didn't seem to push him very much in the tiebreaker especially as you were doing in the first set.

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Well, he hit a lucky backhand anyway. In fact, he was hitting harder. It was difficult to hit the ball early and then push him.

Q. Were you angry with him? Did you ask the umpire to give him a warning?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No. I just asked him to do his job. In the beginning of the match he told us, "As soon as you throw the racquet, you'll have a warning point." I didn't think he would give him this second warning because he didn't do it on purpose, he didn't want to hit the spectators.

Q. It was for the spectators mainly?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes. We were changing balls right afterwards, so it didn't really matter.

Q. Do you think it bothered him, that it made him angry?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No, I don't think so.

Q. Was it one set too much?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No. I was not really tired. I had so many opportunities in the second set that in the third set I was thinking about that again.

Q. Very often you fight till the end. Now you were disappointed because of the missed opportunities?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes. I was disappointed. It was a little bit that, and I lost my concentration on two or three games also. He broke me. After, it was difficult.

Q. Is he the kind of player you should not let get ahead, because after it becomes difficult?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: It's true for any kind of player. You should never let them ahead in the score, otherwise they become confident and they play better.

Q. And your service?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I served well for one set and a half. After, I didn't serve as well. After he started serving well, so it was more difficult for me.

Q. Are you bitter because you really were very close to winning?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I'm not bitter because I played well yesterday and I played well during this match, so it's good for the following tournaments.

Q. It's difficult to ask you to take a lesson from this tournament because it's just after the match, but you had a good week.

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, I had a good week. After a tight match like that, it's a bit difficult to draw the lessons.

Q. Did you have problems with your forehand?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, a little bit. I think my forehand cost me the match. I lost important points on my forehand, especially in the tiebreaker. I made two or three mistakes on my forehand. It cost me the match.

Q. Do you have problems hitting your forehand hard on clay courts?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No, not at all because you have time to get away from the ball and to hit hard. The thing is, once or twice I didn't really hit the ball. It was no good.

Q. Can you compare him to Krajicek? Is it difficult to compare them?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: It's not obvious to compare them. I think Krajicek has the better serve, more consistent. But he plays better from the baseline, both sides. I just think one is more consistent than the other on the serve.

Q. Did his serve give you problems?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No, not especially, because I broke him several times. I was up Love-30 several times on his serve. On clay, it's not so fast, so it's easier. I was able to read his serve pretty easily.

Q. When are you going to the States?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: On Saturday I'm leaving.

Q. Are you going to play two tournaments on clay?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, I'm going to play two tournaments on clay, then back to Rome.

Q. Are you in the draw in Rome?


Q. Were you surprised that he gave you many points on his returns?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: It's normal that he gives points because he hits very hard every time. When he became more confident, he was playing better.

Q. Did you believe he would give you the second set?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No. I think there are not many players among the Top 10 who would give up a set like that.

Q. But yesterday he almost gave you the set?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, but the conditions were different. This time I didn't believe he would give it to me. I was up Love-30, ready for a break, and I didn't make it.

Q. Are you going to change something because you are tired before Saturday in your planning or do you feel fit physically?

SEBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No, physically I feel very good. I'm going to Paris and then to the United States.

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