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October 26, 2002

Tom Watson


Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: So I went right at the flag. Bruce said, "Get in." It hit the flag and stayed up. The ball stayed up, it went in the hole. Even with my bad eyes, I thought I saw the ball on the green, but they screamed like it was in the hole. That sort of got my round kick started there. I started off with a birdie on the first hole and then struggled with a good par saving putt on No. 5, and then I was just kind of going along, but that one was --

Q. What did you have for distance?

TOM WATSON: I had 132, I think.

Q. Was it downwind ?

TOM WATSON: It was downwind, yes. The wind wasn't much of a factor at all. So that was the highlight of the round. Yesterday, I felt like I left a lot of strokes on the golf course. I played very well, missed a lot of makable putts, and still shot a 67. It could have been a lot lower score yesterday. Today, it was one of those rounds where I played better -- I scored better than I played. That kind of made up for it yesterday where I scored worse than I played. You average those two rounds together, I'm right there.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: It was kind of a stupid shot. I was driving the ball perfectly and I got up over the ball and I thought, I'm just going to hit a nice hard cut up there, and I got just a little bit quick, because I thought to hit it a little bit harder at the top of my swing, and I left the face open, and it went into that tall prairie grass off to the right. I had a perfect shot the next shot, for my third shot. They were busy looking for that ball in the high grass over there. I said, "Leave it alone. It's a lost ball." Even if I could find it, I couldn't play it. That was the double bogey.

Let me go over my hole-by-hole scores today. I birdied the first hole. I hit a driver and 5-iron about 12 feet from the hole and made the putt.

No. 7 -- actually I got the ball up and down on No. 5.

Q. How far was your par save?

TOM WATSON: That hole was about a 12-foot par save there.

No. 13, I hit a 3-iron and made it to about 15, 18 feet, something like that.

And 17, I hit a pitching wedge into about 10 feet from the hole and made that.

Q. What did you do on No. 8?

TOM WATSON: No. 8, I hit a drive and a pitching wedge is what I hit, and made it from about 20 feet.

The putts really, I had a lot of putts (inaudible) just off the green I putted a lot (Inaudible.) Putts are a little bit -- they really don't show their true picture there. I did putt a lot more than that.

I did make one really good up and down at No. 11 there. I hit it in the right fairway Vbunker. I hit it fat coming out, and I pitched it up to about three or four inches from the hole, a little short of the green there.

Q. Overall weather-wise, what did you think about the weather today?

TOM WATSON: The weather wasn't bad. If you dressed properly for it and kept your hands warm, it's not cold. The golf course plays a little bit longer because of this, but the greens are holding so well. Your longer shots into the greens stay up by the hole. You have to be careful on this golf course with your shorter shots. I'm sure you've seen a lot of shots spin back today. 18 in particular. Just a lot of shots spin right back. You have to play beyond the hole and play for the back spin. Of course, the gallery loves to see that.

As I said yesterday, the golf course is playing a lot differently than it did last year. Last year the greens were firm (Inaudible.)

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: Well, there's nothing you can do about it. I understand we're going to go off real early tomorrow (Inaudible.) The only time I really thought about it, my caddie said on 17, you have got to make a birdie here. Gil Morgan is right at 9 under par. We may be playing in rain Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. (Inaudible) I'm not going to a change my approach too much.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: I don't listen to --

Q. Did you talk to him?

TOM WATSON: He should talk to me more, shouldn't he. That's right.

Q. After yesterday's round (inaudible) how much is mind over matter (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: It's all in the preparation. It may be a little more restrictive when you have a lot of clothes on to play. Using the cart yesterday was a big advantage playing 30 holes (Inaudible.) If you keep your hands warm and the top of your head warm, that's about all you can do. The fairways were pretty dry. You have a few wet places there, but it's not bad. The greens are holding very well, so you can shoot right at the pin.

The golf course, the par 5s are not particularly easy. You're playing the par 5s mostly into the wind. I didn't birdie a par 5 today and still shot 6 under.

Q. Do you like the scores with a north wind or a south wind?

TOM WATSON: North wind. The south wind that obviously makes it a different golf course. (Inaudible.) South wind up that hill, it's hard to get there in two, for old folks like us.

Q. (Inaudible.) The putts you're looking at today, 10 feet, 8 feet, 12 feet, did you feel comfortable over those?

TOM WATSON: A little bit, yes. I have had trouble with my stroke going inside too much with the short putts. It still goes inside (Inaudible.)

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: Honestly, this is not a very tough day to play. The volunteers are standing around at the tee boxes. They have to wear more clothes than we do, because we're walking and keeping warm. But it wasn't a tough day to play. The tough day to play was the first day. It was raining and the wind was blowing a little, about the way it was today, but it was tough, trying to keep your hands dry and warm and the grips dry. It was a tough day to play.

Q. (Talk about playing in bad weather.)

TOM WATSON: I will go out and play, though. I'll go out and play when the greens are frozen. Carry your own bag, putt my clubs in a Sunday bag and let's go.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: I play pretty good. It's fun playing on frozen greens. Have you ever played on frozen greens? It's like a rock, it's like hitting on concrete. What do you do when the green is guarded in the front by a bunker? You land on the green and boing -- you have to play off to the side or you try to play a chest game.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: Then what happens when it starts to fall, some of the greens then, they soften up. But then in the shade, they still bounce. You have to do a lot of guessing. A lot of giggles. A lot of hit and giggle.

End of FastScripts....

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