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November 7, 2023

Heinz Guenthardt

Viktorija Golubic

Jil Teichmann

Team Switzerland

Press Conference


7-6, 6-2

Team Czechia - 3

Team Switzerland - 0

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Team Switzerland. Questions in English.

Q. Heinz, tough day, but I imagine the priority already is how you recover from tough days, looking ahead, how much it's about the recovery and how the team comes back?

CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: Yeah, well, right now obviously we're not exactly elated at the results, obviously, but I do feel that we sold ourselves good. We had a lot of opportunities. You don't have opportunities unless you're actually playing well.

But taking them was difficult against this team, because they are a really, really good team. Unless you're able to take one or two big ones early on, they do get stronger, and as they get stronger, it becomes more difficult.

Yeah, I don't think we're gonna reflect on it as something that we did this or this wrong, because we didn't do anything wrong. They did a lot of things very well when it counted.

They're one of the toughest teams here. I don't know how many times they have won it over the last 10 years. That's no accident.

JIL TEICHMANN: 11 times.



CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: 11 times, yeah. They are just very, very good.

Q. I imagine you echo the sentiments of your captain?

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Yeah. Obviously a really tough day. I think also in my singles and doubles, I mean, the singles I didn't play bad at all. I mean, it was, like, a good, like, average level, and I had, like, a lot of chances. As Heinz said, it was kind of, you know, difficult to make this last step and to kind of take the lead.

And also, in the doubles, I think we started really well with the level and had lots of breakpoints, but you have to kind of do or win every point against them or, like, finish it by yourself. They're not giving you anything.

You know, sometimes it also just doesn't go on your side. You know, there were some, like, balls where it was like so tight. It was a little bit out on our side or in for them. Just those days where, you know, you don't get kind of the net point on your part of the net.

But, yeah, we stay there until the end, and it's disappointing, but that's what it is.

Q. Jil, a quick word on Celine making her debut. You have both been there. I imagine there's a lot of positives in her performance that she can take forward?

JIL TEICHMANN: Again, what's the question?

Q. Just a few words on the performance of Celine. A lot of positives in her performance that she can take forward?

JIL TEICHMANN: Yeah, definitely she did almost a dream debut. Unluckily it wasn't on our side, on her side. I think she did a really great job. She went out there with the fire she has. Very good level.

Again, it happened throughout the three matches today. They were tough. We created the chances in all our matches, and it just didn't go our way. They make you beat them, and we just didn't today.

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