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November 5, 2023

Heinz Guenthardt

Belinda Bencic

Viktorija Golubic

Celine Naef

Jil Teichmann

Simona Waltert


Press Conference

Q. I would like to ask, you have composed the team from the same players who have succeeded last year in Glasgow and strengthened it up with a young player (indiscernible). How much importance do you see in the stability of the team mixed up with the experience of the players? Do you think it can be a crucial factor in play against younger...

CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: Yeah, I do believe that small things make a big difference in the end because the competition is so tight.

If you are rich to be able to field a similar team, there is just a different knit to the team. I do believe part of the reason why we have been as successful as we have, because we are a tight-knit team. Having certain additions obviously keeps everyone a bit on the toes and keeps the team young.

I said that before. Celine is part of this team not because she's young; because she played extremely well over the last 12 months and she makes us stronger. We have a very good mix: Experience and (indiscernible).

Q. Belinda, I have to say congratulations on your latest news.


Q. Are you here to play or are you here in a supporting capacity or is that to be determined?

BELINDA BENCIC: We will see that, the main combination of the team, like always.

Q. 12 months since a wonderful victory, world champions. It's a different venue here but similar environment. When you came here did the memories of that wonderful week come floating back? And could I ask what those standout memories are?

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Yeah, obviously it's nice coming back, but I think we've been living through these memories, you know, all year a little bit, like, we were talking about it many times. I think it's really good to keep those memories alive and to look back.

Also, we've been having a great time coming to Seville the last days. Yeah, it's been great so far. Yeah, we look forward to it.

Q. I imagine there's a lot of excitement for you this week, the opportunity to put on the Swiss jersey for the first time. How excited are you about this week?

CELINE NAEF: Yeah, I'm very happy that I'm here in this wonderful team. For me, it was always a dream to win in this team. The dream came true and I'm very happy, and also a bit proud that I made it (smiling).

Yeah, I'm very excited.

Q. Belinda, can you maybe come back in the decision to make a child during career, which is very special?

BELINDA BENCIC: Sorry, I didn't understand.

Q. Well, I would like to know the background of the decision to make a child, to give birth during a professional career.

BELINDA BENCIC: I think it's a private decision (smiling).

Q. Celine, congrats on making it on the team after a great season in your career, advancing in the rankings, making it for the first time to the main draw of a Grand Slam. How does the experience of your teammates help you to adapt in such a successful role?

CELINE NAEF: Thank you. Yeah, I think for me, Switzerland is not a very big country, so we know each other very well, I think. Yeah, I think for me it's very nice that I can get some experiences from these very good players, help me (smiling).

Q. Heinz, how much belief, confidence is there in the team to be able to repeat what happened last year or certainly representing Switzerland once again with so much pride?

CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: Well, when we originally said that we are competing to win the title, some people felt that may be a little bit too ambitious, because Switzerland has never won it. We proved to ourselves and everyone it was not too ambitious. That's the only goal that you can possibly have when you compete in the tournament is to win it. Otherwise you basically shut the door before you start.

Yes, we are here trying to defend this title and we have proven to ourselves that we are capable of doing it. I think it's a slightly different situation. At the same time, it's a little bit less pressure, because you don't have to -- you're not grabbing after something that's kind of elusive in a sense. You have done it. You know that you're good enough to take this hurdle.

Of course it's high and whatever, but I believe really you field your team again that it's competitive in this tournament, but then of course if you ask the other ones, they will tell you the same.

Q. Jil, last year you have started in super-aggressive way. How do you think that this kind of winning is kind of long, super-difficult matches gives you experience and...

JIL TEICHMANN: Yeah, definitely. It's the best experience to have, like, long matches, a lot of emotions and a lot of pressure. I mean that in a positive way. You have a big team out there pushing for you, and I think I can speak for all of us we bring our best version out.

Also nice to have this as memories and think about it, like you trust this can happen again. Yeah, which is really love to represent our country. We really love to be in this team. Yeah, fight together.

Q. You were the first team to ever win the Billie Blue jacket last year. I just wondered if somebody could say how did that feel to put that blue jacket on. This is up for grabs again this year, so maybe you'll get it a second time. Maybe Viktorija.

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Well, it's special to be the first ones to wear the jacket. I think it's pretty cool, because everyone is always going to talk about it forever.

Yeah, we just were talking before that we have seen, you know, last year that we can actually win this jacket and we're like, wow, it would be fun. So in the end it was great that we got it.

Yeah, it has a special place at home for all of us, and let's see how we will, you know, use it or wear it in the future, maybe for some special events.

Yeah, it's a nice thing.

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