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November 18, 1997

Conchita Martinez


Q. You've always struggled against Jana before. Did you figure this would be another tough match for you?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah, I mean, very tough player, especially indoors. She has a very good serve. She's very aggressive; comes to the net. And I knew this one was going to be tough. But I have a lot of chances there. And, you know, my serve would break her. So, you know, I kind of blue my chances today, because I could have won that match.

Q. I'm sure this has been a difficult year for you with the injuries. Do you think you settled down now and will have a better season in '98?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah, I'm happy this year's over. I mean, I've been very unlucky, like you said, with the injuries and a few matches that I should have won, so, you know, confidence kind of goes. And then when you're, like, again, my summer was very good for me, I was playing very good, and then I got injured again. So it's been a really roller coaster year.

Q. You think Jana is playing the best you've ever seen her or not necessarily?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, this year has been a very good year for her.

Q. Today.

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Today she played very good match, I thought. I mean, she was very determined. She was coming in very deep and serving well when she had to. So she's been playing well.

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