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March 10, 1998

Conchita Martinez


VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Questions for Conchita.

Q. Conchita, can you talk about your match with Anna Kournikova? Big crowd out of there, going a little nutty. Can you talk about what was the turning point in that match for you?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, I think I have to do my game, no? Try to change the rhythm, play with a lot of topspin. I think I started out slow. After, you know, I could play my slice. I don't think she likes it.

Q. Are you pleased with the way you played out there?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah. I think, yeah, it went well. You know, the results says. I'm pleased.

Q. And was this a good test for you, playing someone like Anna Kournikova as you get further into the draw?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Oh, yeah. I mean, I had a really tough first round. And this was a very tough second round. You know, probably that first match helped me, helped my game, you know, to be ready for a tough second round. You know, of course, I'm ready for the quarterfinals.

Q. Conchita, it looked like your strategy was to make sure that she had to hit a big winner. You got a lot of balls back, you were playing a lot of angles. Eventually she was missing. Is that what you were trying to do?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: She likes to hit the ball really hard. You know, I'm not going to overpower her because, you know, that's not my game. That would be not good if I will try to hit everything. So, you know, I don't think she like my slice. I was trying to move the ball and play low slice, a lot of topspin with my forehand, and wait for the short ball to hit winners.

Q. She looked a little bit confused to me as to what to do. Did you feel that?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, maybe. I mean, maybe -- you know, she's had to play Rubin, which plays heart like her. I think they like to play like that, you know, just hit the ball and all that. If you can -- if you're able to change the pace and the rhythm, this then, you know, it's good that you can confuse them.

Q. Could you compare her game to Hingis'?


Q. Yes. Do you think she's getting close to that level or do you think she still has a long way to go?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I think she's a good player. She's a great player. I mean, Hingis probably plays more smart. I mean, she plays the right shot all the time. You know, she's still young and she can learn that, but she has the shots. I mean, she's probably needs a little bit more patience.

VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Any other questions?

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