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October 22, 2023

Talor Gooch

Miami, Florida, USA

Trump National Doral

Press Conference

Q. I know this is a team event, but you won the overall title. Can you just talk about just the whole year in general, winning the three events, coming close last week, being in the mix with the team and how well you played all year.

TALOR GOOCH: Yeah, obviously it was the best year of my career. We took it to a new level and you know we were beating on the door last year a few times coming down the stretch and we just couldn't get it done.

Once we broke through that first win in Australia, and especially how I did it -- it just built a lot of confidence and anything like that unlocked a new level of golf more me and new level of belief. We played some really, really good golf this year, and great year to build on moving forward.

Q. You said in the view we saw excerpts of with Feherty that you won generational money but you said that doesn't define you. And golf doesn't define you. Expand on that a little bit.

TALOR GOOCH: I mean, you know, again, golf has been such a blessing. Our Lord and savior has given me this talent and ability and I'm here going to try to make the most of it. But at the end of the day, it doesn't define me. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ defines who I am, and that's what we are here for is to make the most of our talents that we are given and that's what I'll continue to try to do.

Q. That being said, when you see the amount of money for winning a season-long tournament, 18 million, everything else you've done, will that change your life?

TALOR GOOCH: Not my life but the goal is to change a lot of other lives and I promise we'll be able to do that with that much money.

Q. Just wondering with all the success, obviously you've been a big topic outside the ropes. As of right now you're not in any of the majors next year, yet you're the best player out here, you were in three of the four of them this year, probably should have been in the other one based on what you did. Can you just speak to that, and I don't know if there's any disappointment over that, I know it's a long time until the Masters, but is that going to bother you when we get into the next year?

TALOR GOOCH: You know, being able to play in the majors, it's the pinnacle of go, and so of course if I don't get that chance, that's going to suck. So hopefully people will get together in the golf world and figure out how do we make sure the best of the best are playing in the best tournaments year-in and year-out, which are the majors.

Again, unfortunately, it's out of my control but hopefully I've done everything I can within my control to prove that I'm one of the best players in the world and hopefully that's enough for them to say, you know, what you need to be in our tournaments.

Q. Have you heard anything behind the scenes that gives you hope that that will happen? In other words, it looks like the majors are going to have to carve out some spots.

TALOR GOOCH: Nobody really knows anything. Nobody has told us anything. So yeah we are all kind of in the dark on it, so we'll see.

Q. Just to give a context, over $35 million, you played in '14 events, really, 13 events and that breaks down to almost 2.7 million each event, a record year all around. What are the things that you're going to do with the Talor Gooch foundation and that added resource of having such a big year, what are the things coming in maybe the off-season that you can talk about?

TALOR GOOCH: It's a question that I haven't thought about because I never in my wildest dreams imagined I could make this much money on a golf course. We've done a great job of building partners and organizations that we help and that we are going to continue to support and we will continue to support those and just in a bigger way. So it's a great question. We can reach -- our reach is a lot bigger now, and so it's going to be a huge focus in this off-season to figure out, you know, now what do we do.

Q. Regarding the competition today, Crushers showed a great effort. Can you talk about the run you guys made today?

TALOR GOOCH: Bubba played great golf today. It was cool to see him after not playing great throughout the year when we needed him the most, he came through and had the round of the day. Unfortunately on a day like today, you've got to go out there and play a great round to beat all these great dudes and we didn't get it done. But it just gives us something to strive for next season.

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