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August 27, 1996

Steffi Graf


Q. Steffi, your assessment of how she played tonight?

STEFFI GRAF: Definitely played a very good second set. She really went for her shots, played really deep. Sometimes she's not as steady, but I think she was playing a good match today.

Q. Can you remember the last time you were so jubilant over winning a first round match?


Q. You were.

STEFFI GRAF: Because I won the second set, which I didn't think I would do. Being down 5-2, the chances she had at 6-5 to pull it through, I think that's something to look forward to.

Q. Steffi, what goes through your head at moments like that? You save two set points; you're down 4-1 in a tiebreak. What do you think, and how are you able to elevate your game and do what you need to do?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I felt I was playing these points a bit more aggressive than she did. I mean, at some points I felt a little nervous. When it came down to important points, I felt more confident. That's why I didn't really worry too much at this stage. Being down 5-2, the set was kind of gone, so I just took it as another chance.

Q. Is a match like this good for you, when you get pushed like this?

STEFFI GRAF: Yes, I think it's a good first round match. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy one. Usually in the first one or two matches, you want to find your rhythm and want to get into it. To be in that situation today, a couple times having to play well, get down and play point by point, definitely is a good start.

Q. As you've reduced your playing schedule, Steffi, in order to be as fit as possible for the big events, do you find it takes you a little bit longer to get ready for the majors, to get the rust off?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah. I mean, I always felt I needed to play a lot of matches to feel good about my game. I haven't really been able to do it a lot. I sometimes need one or two matches to get that feeling back. You're right. I mean, it just takes me a little bit longer sometimes.

Q. Do you think that could have explained tonight's match a little bit?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

Q. You played her a few times over the years. Are you surprised that she hasn't really developed more than she's done?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah. I think it was '91, '92, she had some good results. When you see her, I mean, she's got such great hands, so much more possibilities. I thought she would go further than she has. She can come to the net, she can stay back, she can go for her shots, she's physically pretty fit. She has a lot of abilities. She hasn't been very instead.

Q. Three days ago when you were practicing, you were wearing an elastic bandage on your left leg. Why?

STEFFI GRAF: Why? For precaution.

Q. Is there an injury there?

STEFFI GRAF: I'm perfectly fine. I think maybe you saw today, I was moving fine, had no problems. I'm physically fine.

Q. But a precaution against what, Steffi?

STEFFI GRAF: Just to be able to play today. I'm fine.

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