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August 30, 1995

Steffi Graf


Q. That was a little bit easier than yesterday?

STEFFI GRAF: A lot easier. I think it was good to have a match like that, especially after yesterday. And I didn't feel too tired, so, you know, I felt all right. But still it is good to come back and have a little easier match.

Q. You talked yesterday about your concentration. Was your concentration better tonight?

STEFFI GRAF: I think I was a lot more relaxed than I was yesterday. So I could feel I was going more for my shots and even at times maybe wasn't 100% there, but I felt much better today. I was a lot looser.

Q. Is that because you are being more relaxed? Is that because of you or because of your opposition this time?

STEFFI GRAF: I think it was both of it. I think it had to do with both of it. Obviously, I think it was good to get the first match over with, and knowing that she would probably not be as tough as yesterday, Amanda, I think that both was a combination of both of them.

Q. Because you played last night -- yesterday, did you have to do -- any extra preparationwise for your back or -- because you are going two days in a row?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, didn't really play much this morning. I mean, I just hit a couple of shots and just really didn't move much; took off the afternoon; slept a couple of hours.

Q. Did they ask you before they scheduled you for today that you would play today after playing yesterday?

STEFFI GRAF: Yes, they asked me.

Q. And you --

STEFFI GRAF: I was fine with it. It didn't really matter much to me.

Q. A couple of years ago would you have hit balls today in the afternoon with your schedule today?

STEFFI GRAF: It is difficult to say, but usually if I break this early in the morning and I have a night match, usually I practice a couple of minutes before the match too, but I guess -- I don't think I would have done so much different, because it was a long match yesterday, so anyway I would have played couple of minutes. I think it would have been the same preparation.

Q. Do you know when you would be able to have contact with your dad?

STEFFI GRAF: Nope. No idea.

Q. It could be a long, long time?

STEFFI GRAF: Possibly. I really have no idea about that.

Q. Does it seem like a thousand years ago when it was just about tennis for you?

STEFFI GRAF: Seemed like quite sometime ago, yeah.

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