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September 5, 1995

Steffi Graf


Q. As the tournament goes on, are you finding it easier for you to concentrate? Is your concentration better?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, when you are in the quarterfinals, you know, you better concentrate. I think just being there makes it easier too because obviously you want to take the next step and, you know, you are excited to be there and you want to do better.

Q. You have got a pretty good record here, Steffi. Is it the courts or is it the tournament or can you explain what your record is and why?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I guess it is the city, sort of. I think my game suits every surface. I don't think it has a lot to do with the surface. I think it has to do with the city.

Q. Steffi, is there a point in the tournament where it is no longer is just who am I playing next, the end starts to get in your sight where it flips from one round to the next; then you start to think - start to win it now --

STEFFI GRAF: I thought it was just like time to get it over with. I mean, that is maybe how I felt today sort of, you know, because I wanted to win this one badly and to be there on the weekend. I think it has always been a big goal for me to get there and so I am pretty happy that I can be there.

Q. Is it a special rivalry to play Sabatini, you guys go back --

STEFFI GRAF: A long time.

Q. -- a long time. Is it a special rivalry or more special than anybody else or anything special with it?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, it is definitely the one person that I have my longest record with, her and Mary Joe, we go back playing, I don't know, the 12s and under, Orange Bowl, so... I played both of them there, so I think that is going far beyond. On the other hand, we have had so many incredible matches over our careers that it is just that kind of where you look at, you know, this is a person that you can look back at a lot of matches.

Q. So at this point, are there absolutely no surprises when you play a person like that?

STEFFI GRAF: Not really. No. I don't know how many times.

Q. Why have you been able to dominate the matchups lately; especially against her?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I think that maybe she hasn't had her confidence where she used to have it and I think that I just played more aggressively and at times when we played, we played a lot of three-setters, close matches, and usually I was sort of ahead and then she came back. So, I think it had to do a lot on the way we thought on the court; the way confidence shifted and I think I have done a little better lately about that.

Q. Steffi, is this Open any more special than the last couple because Monica is playing in this tournament; any more motivation?

STEFFI GRAF: I am at the point where I really haven't thought - really haven't been asked about it and I haven't personally thought about it too much. Obviously, she has taken part in it, but I am so focused on myself. I really haven't thought much about that, really.

Q. Steffi, you laughed when it was brought up about getting the tournament over with, that misunderstanding. Are you looking forward to this being over with?

STEFFI GRAF: A little bit, yeah.

Q. Are you planning on taking time off after this?


Q. How much time?

STEFFI GRAF: I don't know yet.

Q. What is it like to be as good as you are? You lost one match this year and basically your mind is probably elsewhere at this time, but what is it like?

STEFFI GRAF: A very good feeling.

Q. Is this the most proud you think you have ever been about what you accomplished on the court?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah. I think of the circumstances; how everything kind of was falling together this year, I think so, maybe it is not the year where I played my best tennis - I definitely can't say that. I think it got beyond playing tennis at times and that is why it has been so great to get a streak going.

Q. How do you do it? Is it just your drive and your ability to focus once you get out there and you are hitting tennis balls? What is inside you? What makes you a champion?

STEFFI GRAF: That is a good question. I guess it is a difficult one to answer. I think it is what is in me and it is what drives me to be out there and my sort of Love for the game, but also the fighting spirit I have in myself.

Q. You mentioned once that Heinz says occasionally in tight situations to you remember who you are. Does he still have to say that to you?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah, you always need that once in a while, sometimes you tend to forget that, especially if things don't go as well so he kind of puts that in perspective. Yes.

Q. Steffi, is Amy Frazer like Chanda Rubin a perfect opponent for you someone who hits hard flat balls? Did you have any doubt tonight that if you played 70, 80% that you could beat her?

STEFFI GRAF: Like you said, she is somebody that suits me really nicely because she plays flat. She -- and obviously hits very much my -- she doesn't like if somebody plays really low like I did tonight. So I didn't really have the feeling out there tonight that I could lose this match, so...

Q. How does feeling comfortable in New York translate to playing well out on the tennis court, is it the same sort of crowd?

STEFFI GRAF: What do you mean same --

Q. You say you feel comfortable in New York, that is maybe one of the reasons why you play well in this stadium.

STEFFI GRAF: It is my own place. It is, you know, doing different things during the week, I mean, you get to do and see different things, I mean, you don't -- you see sometimes all these crazy people walking around. It is just the pulse of the city.

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