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September 1, 1994

Steffi Graf


Q. Steffi, do you feel she was probably a bit more overwhelmed by the occasion than she was a couple of weeks ago?

STEFFI GRAF: Definitely, because when we played in Montreal, I think it was much closer, much even, though, the score was 2 and 1. I think it was a good match than, I think, today, she was a little bit uptight, little bit nervous. Just, you could see it on her serve. She served so much better two weeks ago. So I think it really got to her today.

Q. Steffi, when was the last time you played on the Grandstand court in singles? Do you remember in recent memories where you played on that court?

STEFFI GRAF: I play every year on that.

Q. Do you?


Q. Was it really tough to concentrate on that court?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I found it difficult. Especially around this time, there are times with the shadows it is so difficult to see where the serve is, because when she tosses the ball, it just disappears. It is really difficult with the shadow. I think otherwise, I prefer this court much more than Center Court.

Q. How does your back feel today?


Q. You have had two relatively easy matches. Could you have wanted it to go any better than this considering the back and anything. . .

STEFFI GRAF: I think I would have preferred to play a little bit tougher match today. I think I prefer to play with a little push. Right now I will take everything I can get.

Q. A couple of years ago at Wimbledon you expressed the view that tennis is not everything in life. I presume you believe in that even today?


Q. You said there are wider aspects to be looked for. Could you elaborate a little bit more in your thinking in terms of moving away from the scene?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I meant that win or lose, I think it is not everything there is in life, and what I meant with that is health, family-- I mean, a lot of things. Friends that mean a lot to me and I think it should mean a lot to anybody and that is what I was referring to at that point.

Q. You have referred to not playing that much longer and there are those who infer that you are bored; can you give a response to that?

STEFFI GRAF: Has nothing to do with being bored. And I think it has been really, especially in Germany, it has been written the wrong way, I mean, I said I just never mentioned the time when I want to stop. I just said that I am in a way looking forward to that time, but it is not really close to being there, so I haven't really thought too much about that time.

Q. How does the new racket, the Wilson racket compare with the old one?

STEFFI GRAF: It is different in many ways. First of all, I think I can string it much tighter than my old racket. I wasn't able to do and it is much -- I mean, the material is a lot stronger and playingwise, I think I can do a lot more with the racket, even if I have been pushed, still with this flexibility I can do a lot more with the racket and I think I can hit a little bit harder than with the other one.

Q. Steffi, what do you think about the election of Martina and her presidency of the WTA, do you think -- is it a positive step for the Women's Tour?

STEFFI GRAF: I definitely think so. What I have been saying last few days she has so much experience in tennis, I think she knows what is going on behind the scenes. I mean, she has been there. She knows all the people around tennis, which is very important. She is somebody that has you know, thinks a lot beyond tennis and she just has the knowledge of everything there, about the game and I think that is the most important and she has been there.

Q. Were you in the locker room when Garrison came in looking for a pair of shoes?


Q. Because your opponent gave her a pair of shoes. She broke her shoes and didn't have an extra pair.

STEFFI GRAF: No. She wouldn't fit in mine.

Q. Steffi, the time after tennis for you, you must sometime let your imagination go and think about what your future is going to be like.


Q. What do you imagine? What do you see?

STEFFI GRAF: I really-- I am not in the right -- I think it is not the right moment to talk about it because I am too much in tennis to really think about it, and if I dream, I can tell what you I would dream of, but. . .

Q. Okay.

STEFFI GRAF: I am not going to tell you that either: It is just something that is too early to talk about.

Q. Have you talked to Monica at all recently?

STEFFI GRAF: No, not at all.

Q. Any sense of her coming back at any time? What is your feeling on that?

STEFFI GRAF: No, I mean, it is you know, for me it is really difficult to say because I have no contact with her, so what can I say? It is really, I think, it is very doubtful, but anything could happen.

Q. Do you feel secure out there Steffi when you are playing, I mean, it has been 18 months or whatever, 16 months since the Monica situation. Do you feel safe out there? Do you ever have concerns about that?

STEFFI GRAF: No. I feel pretty safe.

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