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September 3, 1996

Conchita Martinez


Q. Conchita, what were your thoughts when Linda was serving for the first set? What was going through your mind?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: When Linda was serving for the first set?

Q. Yes.


Q. Tiebreak.

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: At the tiebreak, okay. What was going through my mind was just keep fighting. I mean, I knew that I had three set points before she did. She came back. If you keep fighting, you always can come back. Just hang in there and fight, that was it.

Q. Did you do anything different in the second set?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, I just keep on doing my game. Probably I was a little bit more aggressive, but in the first set she didn't give me a chance to, she was playing so deep and so hard, without making any mistakes. It was hard.

Q. So did you feel less resistance from her in the second?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I think she start missing a little bit more. But, you know, I just kept doing my thing, you know. I think I also started returning a little better because she was serving really well, she was serving the kick high to my backhand, I have some problems there returning. Then I did that much better in the beginning of the second set, a little bit before that. That also changed.

Q. You think if you manage to win one more match, more people might actually notice that you're here?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I mean, the semifinals of the US Open, I think a lot of people know that I'm there, I'm a good player. You know, I don't have to tell anybody anything. I mean, I just have to worry about my serve, worry about doing my game, just do it right. That's all.

Q. Conchita, if Monica wins tonight, it will be a rematch of last year's semifinal. Do you remember last year, Monica had so much hype surrounding her last year. Do you remember the match?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah, I do remember well the match. She played well, but I didn't play good at all. I think, you know -- I don't know why. I wasn't passing, wasn't aggressive enough. I don't know. I have two days to practice, to practice against somebody that might play similar, so I can be ready for the match in two days.

Q. What would be the tactic against Monica? What will you be working on and thinking about for two days if Monica wins tonight?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, there is not much that I can change in two days. I mean, I just got to play deep and make her move a little, you know, don't let her be aggressive. I know her game is being aggressive, but try to move her around with my forehand, if I can. You know, don't let her play comfortable.

Q. Is there more of a feeling when she was here last year, she won the Canadian, coming through the door here pretty easy, since then she's had a few early losses. Is there a feeling now she's more beatable than she was a year ago?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I think so. She has had a few loss this year. I don't think she's unbeatable at all. I mean, you know, what I just wish and hope is that I'm going to play a good match. If I play a good match, I have my chances. Just try to keep positive out there, hang in there like I did today. She's going to hit the ball even harder than Linda, so just hang in there and fight for every ball.

Q. Why do you think the Spanish men are doing so well this time?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, because they're good. There's no doubt, there is a lot of -- we have a lot of good players, you know. They're getting better on hardcourt. I think we having a lot of good results, which I'm very proud.

Q. Do you think today when Linda didn't convert any of those three set points in the tiebreak, that it took something out of her in the second set?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Probably. She started missing a little bit more in the second set. Maybe she was thinking that she had her chances, you know. But a good player has to forget that and be ready for the second set, third set, if there is.

Q. How much does that match change if she converts one of those set points?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: No idea. I mean, you know, it's very difficult that question because it went the other way around. I mean, I don't know how I would have react. Hopefully, you know, I was very positive to play out there, so I would have react the right way, thinking that I have still two more sets to go for winning the match.

Q. Were you still positive when you had those three set points in the tenth game?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah, yeah. I was positive because if I would have been negative, I would have lost my serve, I think. So, you know, that can happen. You're very bummed when it happens to you and you don't convert those three set points, but, you know, you've got to keep fighting, got to keep playing.

Q. Was there any point where you thought you might lose?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: No, I haven't thought about it at all.

Q. Do you take that attitude with you into the semifinal?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Hopefully. I'm going to work on it. It's never easy to keep that attitude during the whole match, but I'm working on it, you know, like I'm able to do it. Just keep working on it.

Q. Are you going to root for Amanda Coetzer?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Sorry? No, I mean, you know, it's another tennis match. The better player is going to win. If Amanda beats Seles, it's because -- I'm going to have a tough match either way. Doesn't matter. Have to be ready for both.

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