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September 5, 1992

Steffi Graf


Q. As you go into the fourth round, Steffi, which aspects of your game are pleasing you and which do you think need work?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I think I am really pleased with the way I served. The one thing that I haven't been happy with is my return. Again today, probably in the beginning of the first set, or mainly throughout the first set, I don't think I returned, really, too well. And I think with my backhand, I can step in a little bit more. My slice has not really the punch that I want it to have.

Q. Steffi, you haven't been so happy with the way you are playing. Do you feel like it is going to click right next week?

STEFFI GRAF: I didn't really have opponents who give you any, really, rhythm, or let you get into your game. I will have some tougher matches, which I think will help.

Q. Talk about the upsets with Jennifer and Martina. Was either one more shocking than the other?

STEFFI GRAF: I think the shocking one was probably Martina losing to Magdalena. Even if she had a first tough round and was nearly losing there, but I didn't really expect her to lose, because she really likes to play on that court, and she is always a big threat at the U.S. Open. That is why I was surprised. With Jennifer, I wasn't so surprised because there has been, again, a lot of pressure on her and there has been too much talk about winning this title. So I wasn't that surprised.

Q. Do you look at the next match any differently since Martina's upset? Does it make it a little easier on you to focus --

STEFFI GRAF: On the upsets?

Q. You could see that it could happen to anyone.

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah, I mean, you have to really watch out now in the early rounds. That is what I have been saying. That is why the women's tennis has gotten so much better because of everybody really improving, and that is why I take every rounds seriously.

Q. How important is mental toughness, would you say, in winning a competition like this one?

STEFFI GRAF: Very important. I mean, it is mental toughness, confidence and to really have your game together. These three components are the most important.

Q. Did you like the way she played you especially in the first set?


Q. Going for the shots?

STEFFI GRAF: She did definitely go for her shots. She did it awfully well. I have to really give her credit. She-- I mean, I saw her the first time this morning before I practiced on the court. She had been playing there already, so I kind of knew what to expect, what kind of game, but didn't thought she was going to be that consistent on it, especially in the first set.

Q. You prefer these 11:00 A.M. starts, rather than some of the other times?

STEFFI GRAF: Yeah, I like to play early. Play early, to have a certain time where you will be playing. You don't have to wait and sit around. You can come in early, practice, and then get out of there.

Q. How do you spend the rest of the day?

STEFFI GRAF: There is an arts market in Greenwich this weekend. Try to see if there is something interesting.

Q. Steffi, in a reference to your T-shirt, have you ever seen the Yankees play?

STEFFI GRAF: No. Only on TV. Only time I have been to Yankee Stadium was for a "U2" concert. I did see the Mets play the Braves this week. But I haven't seen the Yankees yet.

Q. Are you a baseball fan?

STEFFI GRAF: No, I am just slowly getting into it, the sport. I haven't really followed it that much. I mean, for the past year, so I am getting into it.

Q. Do you think Monica is back to her game again after those three consecutive final tournament losses?

STEFFI GRAF: Oh, yeah. I definitely think so. Just being part of the U.S. Open, knowing that you played a Grand Slam tournament, I think that is already motivation that focuses you, even if you have lost before.

Q. Are you surprised here you are not going to play Nathalie Tauziat now and the way she lost in the last round?

STEFFI GRAF: I was surprised the way she lost. I mean, I know Amanda is a really good player and she is really playing well this year, but I didn't expect it to be 6-Love, 6-Love. I didn't know what happened to her.

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