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September 3, 1993

Steffi Graf


Q. Steffi, where were you when they informed you that it was -- were you warming up or were you on the court yet?

STEFFI GRAF: It was two minutes actually before we walked on. I was ready to play. I practiced like usual and just changed and was ready for the match. They just told me --

Q. You were still in the player lounge when they told you?


Q. Are you disappointed that you weren't able to play today, or is it something that it is like a bonus; you don't have to play today and save your energy?

STEFFI GRAF: I prefer to play. I practiced. Was ready for my match. I knew it was not going to be an easy one. Obviously, I wanted to play, even if the conditions are hot and humid today; still, I would have wanted to play.

Q. Has this happened to you this late in a Grand Slam before, not that it is late, did you --

STEFFI GRAF: Not that I can recall.

Q. She has never dropped a set to you. Is that something that you think happens with many players or is there - is it a match up that is ideal for you?

STEFFI GRAF: Who are you talking about?

Q. Your opponent, Judith, is that something that you encounter with a lot of players or do you think in 6 meetings maybe it is a perfect match up for your style?

STEFFI GRAF: Not really. Because all this has to do with like most of them are 6-4. They weren't really that easy because she plays a little similar that I am. She plays from the back, has a slice backhand and just, you know, kind of a fighter, and so it is usually-- she is not somebody that you can put away, but she is also not-- somebody that is having dangerous shots as well.

Q. Will you practice again today?

STEFFI GRAF: I did just now.

Q. How much of a disruption is this?


Q. It is no problem?

STEFFI GRAF: No. It is fine. It is a match less and maybe it is better to have a match in-between Wednesday and Sunday, but I just take it the way it is and accept it.

Q. I know when we came in you said if the conditions are really bad you still wanted to play, but just in practicing how bad did it feel? How awful is it out there?

STEFFI GRAF: It is hot. I mean, it is really hot today. Hottest day so far this tournament ever.

Q. I don't know if anybody asked, but could you make a comment in regard to the scheduling for like you, for Boris? You are already into the fourth round and Boris hasn't even played his second round yet.

STEFFI GRAF: Why do I have to comment on that?

Q. Well, he is also from your country and is also a champion player and do you think that is -- he is arguing about the treatment of a player; I mean, would you be upset to start three days into a tournament?

STEFFI GRAF: Probably. Probably, I would be. I guess, yeah. I would be but then, you know, usually you know a day at least before what time you play and you ask maybe is it possible to change it. I mean, if you are interested when you play, you know, so you can change it.

Q. He had been asking to play right from the first day.


Q. Yes.

STEFFI GRAF: You are sure about that?

Q. Yeah, he is quoted as saying "I was ready to start on Monday."

STEFFI GRAF: Nothing I can do about that.

Q. Do you feel it is unfair?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, not unfair, to play first round match on Wednesday night. It doesn't really make much sense. Usually you play day early in the morning and then a night match. I don't know why they choose that match for that reason.

Q. Steffi, Chris and Martina often talked about how they each pushed each other to get better and better. Of course, you have to be happy you are No. 1, but in some way, do you miss Monica being out there and the competition?

STEFFI GRAF: I always from whenever I can think back, I wanted to have competition and I wanted to have tough matches. I wanted to be pushed. That is why obviously I like to have the best players in the field. And Monica is definitely the best of all of them, that is why I definitely miss her for that reason.

Q. Do you feel the other players have lost -- do they still have respect for you or have they -- as far as in playing, I am speaking now, on-court, or do you find that they are coming up and they are saying we don't care who, Steffi who, we can beat her; do you find that it is harder to play now?

STEFFI GRAF: There was a time maybe when I was -- when I was more beatable, two years back, three years back, but I think I have gotten-- now the players don't really feel that way too much, hopefully.

Q. What accounted for that, do you think it was anything physical, emotional, both?


Q. Why was that -- I mean, when you looked back do you think it was more physical, more emotional, both?

STEFFI GRAF: Had nothing to do with it.

Q. I have a question about the general picture in women's tennis, Steffi. With the stabbing and then this terrible situation with Mary Pierce, do you think that will affect women's tennis, the image of women's tennis and its success in any way?

STEFFI GRAF: I don't think so. I mean, with how much better the women's tennis has gotten, I don't think this will destroy anything. I mean, it takes time to -- I don't think it destroyed any image of the women's tennis not at all. Some people talk about right now, but just couple of years it will be over.

Q. Seems that there is a big parity in women's tennis, it is like you know, there is only you know, few really good players and then there is like you know, nobody else, you can see that the matches are very you know, relatively easy. What do you think about how bad it is for the game, that there is no like young good players coming up right now, really?

STEFFI GRAF: How bad is it -- I don't think it as bad as you say. Looking back ten years ago, even 20 years ago, I think that was a bad stage, but I don't think we have to worry about that right now because maybe in the moment it looks like there are not that many young players that are coming up, or maybe it is a kind of a hold, but it will progress. I don't see any problem.

Q. I don't know if you look ahead in draws, but if you do, how is this tournament shaping up to you, I mean, are you expecting to beat Gaby in the quarters or don't you?

STEFFI GRAF: Well first of all, I play Sunday. Mary Pierce, Schultz; from then on I go on to the next match. We both have to get their first.

Q. I know you don't usually take very long of your matches. You have a long day ahead of you not having played. What will you do with it?

STEFFI GRAF: Try to leave as soon as I can and then find something to do.

Q. Generally, what do you like to do, with your time in New York?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, at the moment I have a little bit time in between I am trying to furnish my apartment and just keep doing that.

Q. Are you looking for anything in particular at the moment, desk or--

STEFFI GRAF: Curtains.

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