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November 18, 1993

Steffi Graf


Q. Steffi, did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you'd win this much money in a single season playing tennis?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, once -- whenever I started playing I never thought about money, so I never put any thought to it, really, and so, no, I never thought about it because I don't care really.

Q. The second week in a row you sort of pummeled Coetzer; is that a fair word?


Q. Pummeled, you sort of went boom, boom, boom, against Coetzer?


Q. Second week in a row; is there any trick to this or is it that you're just playing that well right now?

STEFFI GRAF: She's not somebody who has that much power and so I have usually a chance to set up the point and then go right from there. And I think for her it's difficult because she doesn't have the reach the other players have and I think it is good for her to play aggressive, because I think there is some of the reach missing from her.

Q. Were you a little surprised about the other result?

STEFFI GRAF: A little, yes.

Q. Did you watch any of it?

STEFFI GRAF: I saw a bit of the second set, I didn't watch the end of it but I thought she would come back. I think she started pretty nervous and then it was -- then she played well in the beginning of the second set and I thought she would continue like that but she didn't.

Q. Steffi, when you look back on '93, what do you see as the highlights; and on the negative, what do you think you've learned from some of the downs, some of the negatives; how have you grown up?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I'll start with the good moments. I think I had plenty of them this year and Wimbledon I think was the best one, looking back. But I've had some good moments. I think I played a great tournament in San Diego which I was very happy with and then again I played good U.S. Open so I had a lot of good moments. And some of the bad parts, obviously, the Hamburg tournament was one of the more difficult times for me and after that. And maybe some of my injuries, I wish I wouldn't have had them.

Q. But how have you sort of grown or learned from the negatives, how you've changed?

STEFFI GRAF: Time always changes you. So probably I have changed a little, even a lot, I probably don't realize myself.

Q. Steffi, you're supposed to play against Conchita Martinez next Saturday again if she wins tomorrow, what will you change --


Q. What will you change in your game?

STEFFI GRAF: I hope I win the last point. It's difficult to say what to change. I don't think I played very well last week, I didn't move very well and I think I have to be a lot more aggressive than I was on last Sunday.

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