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November 21, 1993

Steffi Graf


Q. Steffi, was this match an injured Graf against a weakened Arantxa; did we have the best of either?

STEFFI GRAF: Probably not. It was really difficult, Arantxa had two tough matches before. I wasn't 100%, so it was really difficult for both of us.

Q. How much pain are you in now that it's over; can you tell us if you were hampered?

STEFFI GRAF: I think during the match it was actually pretty good today. I was not very well yesterday and I got another injection this morning just to be pretty much pain free, and it worked very well, actually. Not during the practice, but for the match I was very good condition, was important.

Q. Where is this pain, lower back or upper?

STEFFI GRAF: Sacroiliac is I think the English.

Q. Sciatica?

STEFFI GRAF: Sacroiliac.

Q. Sacroiliac.

STEFFI GRAF: It was at the joint and where the joint -- where the pelvis and back is coming together and I've had inflammation there since Toronto, it wasn't very good at the U.S. Open, it was pretty good for the last few weeks and it came back.

Q. Steffi, you've had a very successful year, one of the best ever, are you glad --

STEFFI GRAF: I can't hear you.

Q. You had one of your best every years, but in some respects are you glad that it's over now?

STEFFI GRAF: It's really difficult to say. I think in a way I'm happy to have a break now, very happy and I'm looking for some time away from tennis, I really do. But on the other hand, I had so much successes, but it's been a great, great year and that's the way if you want to end it-- end the year on winning this tournament, so it couldn't be any better, so I think I'm happy it's over.

Q. Steffi, you started out you lost your serve in the first game of the match and then was there any feeling there -- did you think it was going to be a lot more difficult?

STEFFI GRAF: The way she played the first game, yeah, I think it was going to be more difficult, because it is not very usual she plays forehand winners down the line on the run and I was surprised the way she started. She played aggressive the first game and then that's just -- and then I know she didn't play as impressive anymore. So I was able to control the points a lot better.

Q. Did you have to pace yourself differently knowing it was a three out of five as opposed to two out of three?

STEFFI GRAF: No, I didn't want to knowing my back

wasn't perfect and didn't know how it was going to be, I didn't try to pace myself at all. I knew every game would be important to take every point as early as possible and that's how I played. That's how I played the first set and won that quickly.

Q. Knowing how hard she works, can you see a big change in her after that dizzy spell, was it evident on the court that it wasn't the usual Arantxa?

STEFFI GRAF: After what?

Q. After her dizzy-- was it a dizzy spell when there was a break?

STEFFI GRAF: I wouldn't mind to have that dizzy spell in the third set like that. I think that she changed her game a little at that point, she played a lot more aggressive and made a lot of winners because probably she knows she wasn't able to outrun me or play long points against me today and that's why she went for a lot and did it well and was successful, but it was just a matter of time how long she can keep that up.

Q. I hear that you are going to be in South America next week, is that true?

STEFFI GRAF: That's true.

Q. What kind of games are you going to play there?

STEFFI GRAF: There will be three exhibitions and one charity event. I play in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

Q. In Ecuador, what tournament?

STEFFI GRAF: Guayaquil.

Q. As benefit for Andres Gomez?

STEFFI GRAF: Yes, I heard.

Q. He's going to retire. Steffi, whatever strides-- you played in your game this year, Monica coming back, are you anxious to see like your improved game against her game; are you-- is that a measuring point for you, to put your game back on track against her game?

STEFFI GRAF: Actually, that doesn't worry-- I don't put my soul in that at all right now. What I will concentrate on next few weeks is to get healthy, to get injury free and I'm going to work very hard to be ready for next year and hopefully I'm not going to have as much injuries. And that's all I really care in the moment. I think my body is the most important thing and I'll have to treat it that way.

Q. Who will the exhibitions be with?

STEFFI GRAF: One will be with Laura Gildemeister and the other three there with Jana Novotna.

Q. You went and had a brief conversation with Georgina at the end of the match, what was that about?

STEFFI GRAF: It was going to bring me a skirt-- just asked her to bring me another skirt, that is all.

Q. Have you ever sat down before the game is over before?


Q. You went to sit down before the game was finished at one point.

STEFFI GRAF: I don't think that happens very often to me.

Q. Steffi, are you going to be in Boca on the 12th of December?

STEFFI GRAF: Possibly. Why, do you want me to come to the thing again? You have the juniors tournament on again?

Q. Yes, and the 12th is the opening?

STEFFI GRAF: Okay, I'll see what I can do.

Q. Steffi, how did you feel after you dropped the third set. What was going through your mind what you had to do for the fourth set?

STEFFI GRAF: I needed to be more aggressive and I didn't serve that well and so I was trying to concentrate a little better on my serve and I needed to step into the balls. I didn't move as well in the third as I wanted to and I felt I needed to get going and step into my shots and to play a little more to her forehand and-- that paid off. I mean, once again, the fourth set I had a lot more control over the points. I mean, I went for my forehands which worked well today and that's all I was thinking about at the moment.

Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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