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March 12, 1994

Steffi Graf


Q. What are you going to do with the rest of your day now?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, my Poppy is waiting, so I don't know, I am not going to do too much. Maybe I am going to work out a little bit more today.

Q. Do you want to just tell us how well you felt you were playing today. The score is obviously good, but how well did you feel you were playing?

STEFFI GRAF: I think it was all right. I think it was good. Obviously, the wind was swirling a little bit and so sometimes you didn't know which way it was going, but otherwise my serve was working well. Overall, it was fine.

Q. When the wind swirls there did you notice a pattern?

STEFFI GRAF: Not like yesterday where it was coming pretty much from one side. Today it was switching around a little bit.

Q. Do you have a little more desire when you come back to a tournament that you lost the previous year?

STEFFI GRAF: No, I don't think it really sticks in my mind. I am just there and it is a new year and I don't really look back too much. Not at all.

Q. Do you look ahead in your half of the draw to see who is the strong possibility that might give you a little bit more problems later on?

STEFFI GRAF: I mean, I know who is in my half. I just usually take it match by match. I don't really look too much on the possibilities. When it is there, I look at it; not before.

Q. How do you feel when you notice that somebody who might have given you trouble somewhere later on even in a final gets knocked off right in the beginning like Helena did today?

STEFFI GRAF: Well, I said it last week. She can play some great tennis and then again she can play some bad tennis. Apparently today it wasn't really her day. With her, you never really know. You don't know how she is going to wake up. I don't know.

Q. You said Sunday you were hoping to be able to kind of work out more and get in shape. How did you spend those four days?

STEFFI GRAF: Working a lot. I mean, again, I did my workout in the gym. I practiced more than I have been able to do before the two weeks in the tournament, so I did what I wanted to do.

Q. Do you feel the way you want to feel at the moment?


Q. Do you ever feel like in an early round match that you'd like to be out there maybe a little bit longer? Some people want to and it is not possible, sometimes you just have to get off there quickly as it is. Do you have to now go spend another hour on the court this afternoon?

STEFFI GRAF: I would prefer longer points to be pushed more even if it is first round, semifinal, whatever match, I am out there to be challenged.

Thank you.

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