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October 9, 2023

Matthew Southgate

St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Quick Quotes

Q. A tremendous start, 66, what's going on your mind, obviously like in 2019, quite a strong finish as well?

MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Yeah, quite an emotional week for me with Billy McColl passing away and Sir Michael Bonallack not being here for the first time in all the year I've played here, which is a great shame and I wanted to fly the flag for the glove club and really give is a go this week.

Matt Fitzpatrick and a great player and he's in great position but I feel like I've had a fabulous week.

We had a miracle, really, with the weather to even play and I'd be heartbroken if we had not gotten to play today. I really started with a big sort of pep in my step and I was happy to be on the golf course. I didn't feel under pressure about trying to win the tournament. I just wanted to go and have a lovely day around the Old Course and just enjoy the fact that we were out there.

Q. And how much does that enjoyment help you playing golf? Obviously it's the Home of Golf where you finished up as well, an emotional week like you said. Has that been an encouraging factor?

MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I think I've been working quite hard on my mental game where I try to embrace the challenge of the game and actually try and enjoy things when thins don't quite go the way you want to and it is tough because you're trying your best and you never want to drop a shot but trying to tackle that head-on is a healthy place to be and I've been trying to embrace that challenge all year.

Obviously playing great today that was making it a lot easier to enjoy playing here at St Andrews, and it's a very special place. It's a great day.

Q. You said it was a miracle that we even got to play today. How did you spend the last two days?

MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It was a lot of time in the hotel room. Just chilling out, really. There's a few bits and pieces that I had to do over the weekend just away from the golf and just try to kill time.

But I saw Carnoustie yesterday evening and I didn't see that was physically possible for us to play today and when I saw we were playing, it was game on. I couldn't wait to get down here and play.

Q. Still golf to be played out there. Are you pleased with your week?

MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I'm over the moon with the week. I'm right on the button to get into Race to Dubai, and I'd love to finish top 30 to get into The Open Championship which everyone knows I love so dearly so would be great to be exempt into that if I can.

I know there's golf left to play but Matt Fitzpatrick is a great player and you can never wish bad on anybody else. He's a lovely bloke and so is his family, I will keep an eye on what happens, but if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, I'll shake Matt's hand and we both had a great week.

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