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July 20, 2003

Corrado Barazzutti


MODERATOR: First question.

CAPTAIN CORRADO BARAZZUTTI: Don't ask me how I feel now, okay (smiling)?

Q. Can you talk a little bit, though, about what...


Q. You expected more than you got?

CAPTAIN CORRADO BARAZZUTTI: Well, no. I think that my players, they try to do all the best to play well this match, and we have to recognize that the United States play really well. America is stronger, is one of the stronger team in the world. And so I think my player try hard to play well. I think they play much better today of yesterday. We play against a team too strong for us, yeah, so that's it. They play well. The Americans play really, really well. Is nothing to do.

Q. U.S. versus Belgium, how do you see that? The U.S. will play Belgium next.

CAPTAIN CORRADO BARAZZUTTI: Oh... I think is very exciting match. I don't know. I don't know, depend on who's gonna play for the United States. That is the problem, no, I think. I don't know who's gonna play for United States. Because if two Williams gonna play, is, well, maybe America, America have more chance. But anyway, is a tough match anyway because Belgium is very strong. Where they gonna play, Belgium, United States?

Q. Don't know yet.

CAPTAIN CORRADO BARAZZUTTI: They play in the final four, the final four, okay.

End of FastScripts….

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