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June 28, 2005

Xavier Malisse


THE MODERATOR: Ladies and Gentlemen, Xavier Malisse.

Q. Could you tell us exactly what happened? Is it a long-time injury?

XAVIER MALISSE: I've had back problems already a year ago, and then they got better. It started hurting at the French again. So since the French, I've had it for almost three weeks. So, yeah, it's tough. It doesn't get any better when I'm playing, and I'm doing a lot of exercises. And it's tough if you have to play a lot of matches.

Q. Is it lower back?

XAVIER MALISSE: Yes, left lower back.

Q. And you had this since French Open?

XAVIER MALISSE: Yes, yes. I've played and I had pain there, and then I had a week off. I played a lot of matches again. Yeah, it's not healed totally.

Q. Were you considering not playing doubles yesterday?

XAVIER MALISSE: No. I started, but I told Olivier I might quit. But yesterday I played and I didn't feel anything yesterday. So I thought everything was fine. But, yeah, it's just two days in a row is probably too much.

Q. Did you feel it in the earlier rounds in the singles?

XAVIER MALISSE: Yes, yes, yes. I was going to normally stop after first round because it was already hurting then. But it felt okay, not like today. So, yeah, it's been since the first round.

Q. Was it on serve?


Q. What was wrong, serving or hitting some strokes?

XAVIER MALISSE: No, strokes was fine. Just if I had a high ball, forehand, if I can really turn around, then. Otherwise, service and overheads.

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