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March 26, 1997

Iva Majoli

Key Biscayne, FL

Q. Iva, you had the same kind of match in Europe, in October, and the semifinal in the European indoors. What's the difference with this match? What was the key?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I started pretty bad. My serve was just not working. I missed lots of balls. Actually I think I had to get used to her game because I played first three rounds against a girl who just hit the ball very hard, very flat. Jana had totally different game, coming in, playing backhand slice, forehand, more topspin. First set I was just kind of getting used to it. I missed too many balls, made too many double-faults. Second set got better, you know. There were more good points, especially in the third set. I think everyone is disappointed when you lose. I know a couple weeks ago I beat Jana. She was up always in the third set and I won at the end. And today it went her way. I think I had too many chances to win at the end. I had 5-All, 40-Love on my serve, I lost that. I had again chances in the tiebreak when she came in. I missed. I gave the ball on the racquet, she made the winner. Also the last point, I had the easiest shot of my match, and I missed. For sure I'm disappointed that I didn't win. I think it was a good match, so I just have to look forward to my next tournament, try to improve more.


Q. How hot was it and what did do you to try to cool off during that ten-minute break?

IVA MAJOLI: Actually I think today was the best day for me. I think the other three, four days were much warmer. I think I was thinking about the match. I didn't have time to think about the heat. My condition was pretty distinguish good. I was feeling pretty good with the weather today.


Q. Did you guys ask for that break?

IVA MAJOLI: They told us before the match that, "It's very hot today, and if we split, we could have a ten-minute break." So Jana wanted.


Q. What were some of the factors that contributed to the high number of unforced errors by both players?

IVA MAJOLI: I think for me it was mostly my serve. I don't remember when I served this bad. The whole tournament my serve wasn't working so good. Especially today when your serve is not working, you're just rushing, making a lot more errors than when your serve is working good. I don't know, conditions a little bit different, it's very windy outside. From one side you have to play hard, from the other side you have to give a lot more topspin because the balls are flying. You kind of have to adjust for every point. It's not easy.


Q. Did the change in today's schedule have any effect, do you think? Were you ready?

IVA MAJOLI: I came here like at 11:15, I had a practice. I didn't know anything. It's 11:15. I saw Jana. She goes, "We're playing at 1:00." I'm going like, "You're kidding, no way." She's like, "No, I'm not, we are playing at 1." Difficult have a little bit warm-up. It was okay. It didn't really affect me that we change the schedule.

VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Any other questions.


Q. Assuming she plays a little bit better than she did today, I think she had over 60 unforced errors, how do you see a match with Hingis, Jana and Hingis?

IVA MAJOLI: Jana is a tough player. You never know what to expect from Jana. She can have a really good match; she could have a bad match. I think last year and this year she's been playing pretty good. She beat Martina pretty easy last time they played, but that was indoors. This is a different tournament, different everything. Martina, you know, she hasn't lost a match yet, so I'm sure she has lots of confidence. It could be interesting match. Could be a good match. There is a little bit more advantage on Martina's side. I think if Jana is playing well, everything is possible.


Q. There's been some talk about possibly having coaches on the court, more involved in matchplay. Do you think in a match like this, having a coach there on the court would be something that would be helpful? Is that something you're in favor of?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't really think about it. Tennis was always a sport you play by yourself. That's why it's so tough. I think it's good this way. We have to think. I think it's important if we think more than if we get all the help from the outside. That's the key of the tennis, that when it's tough you have to think by yourself and do whatever you think is the best because you're by yourself on the court. If you win, you're happy. If you lose, you're unhappy. It's always just that one person, you know.

VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Any other questions? Thank you.


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