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September 17, 2023

Tyrrell Hatton

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 66 on the final day with eight birdies, hard to be disappointed?

TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it's definitely mixed emotions. It was nice to have a great week before, and now to get ready for The Ryder Cup. So I take some confidence from that into that week.

But yeah, it was nice to be in it; this tournament means a lot to me. Would have been nice to win with fans, especially my dad being here, that would have been cool.

But seeing Foxy out there, a pretty special 13 holes. Not sure I'll be disappointed with the tee shot on 15, started raining pretty heavy. It is what it is. Tried my best and it was a great week.

Q. Not just today but yesterday as well, you seemed to have it on a string tee-to-green and your game seems to be in a really great place?

TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I feel like I've played nice all week. I'd say I haven't holed my fair share of putts. Yesterday was the best I've played for a long time and yeah, although he had a nice finish which looks like it was a decent score, if kind of that was the worst it could have been. But these things happened, and as I said it was just nice to get some covered going the right way.

Q. Once the disappointment settles, how excited to get to Rome?

TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, very special weeks. Just to have that team sort of bond and the atmosphere that we create in that team room is amazing, and we all follow other sports outside of golf. Sort of envy the guys that have the team bond, and for us to do it once every two years is great. Yeah, we love the week. It's definitely one of the most special weeks that you can have in your career. I'm really excited to be part of Team Europe.

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