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September 14, 2023

Kelsey Chugg

Elverson, Pennsylvania, USA

Stonewall (North Course)

Quote Quotes

Q. Not the finish you were hoping for, but tell us about your emotions right now.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, I'm disappointed. It was a good battle. I think I lost it -- like the ball striking just left me kind of the last two matches so didn't have my best stuff.

Yesterday I got it in the hole a little bit better than I did the back nine today, but I'm proud of myself for making it this far.

Q. Start with the front nine. You played really well on the front. Had some great shots. Made a big par putt I think on 3, and then talk about the shot on 7 that you hit.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, made the birdie on 3, the longer birdie putt there, because she had stuffed one in, so that was good.

Then, yeah, just played really steady on the front. I think -- I don't know what happened on the back honestly. Just like the front, yeah, I still felt good going into even 16, 17.

Sorry, I'm jumping ahead. You know, I felt fine. I know she made a little run there but I had a really terrible lie on 16 in the right rough and just had to hit one down there.

Then just a little bit after wet lie on that approach shot, so not great. Missed the up and down there.

And then 17 just a bad swing.

So then here I thought I hit a good one in and just air mailed the green, so left myself in a tough situation.

Q. What did you hit off the tee on 18?

KELSEY CHUGG: Driver, yeah. So I had -- and then I didn't hit a great second shot but I left myself -- I had like 150 in and just blew it over, so...

Q. Fatigue can you blame a little of that?

KELSEY CHUGG: No. Just I wasn't thinking properly probably.

Q. It seemed like maybe 11 was part of the momentum changer, when she got up and down, made a nice par putt. Then I know you had a tricky birdie putt that you missed. Seemed like that was a big hole for her to tie.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, she definitely turned it on from a there for sure.

Q. What about the 12 green? I know that first putt looked extremely difficult.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah. Yeah, it was just like crazy putt. Just trying to get it down there and just missed the speed a hair, so ended up -- and then I rushed into the third putt a little too quickly and missed that one, and that was the end of that hole.

Then the next hole I missed another short putt, which is just like a little bit shocking because I've been putting really well all week.

Q. Yeah. Still phenomenal week. What are some of the takeaways from the week overall?

KELSEY CHUGG: Just it's awesome. I mean, I didn't expect to make it this far. I've been working a ton. Like I said, I'm proud of myself and it's cool to make it to another final.

Crazy to have another runner-up finish, but it's just an amazing experience and Stonewall was incredible.

Q. What about playing in the Women's Am next year, Southern Hills? Haven't seen you there for a few years, so it will be good to have you back.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, I'm excited to be back out there and looking forward to it. Just need to start working on my game a little bit.

Q. Have you ever played there before, Southern Hills?

KELSEY CHUGG: I haven't. No, it's awesome. Hot in the summer.

Q. Always good to be able to skip a qualifier, right?

KELSEY CHUGG: Yes, for sure.

Q. Yeah, just having Lindsey and your mom here these last couple days, what has it meant to you?

KELSEY CHUGG: It's awesome. Yeah, just to have some support here with me, and Lindsey was great on the bag all week. Kept me calm and tried to keep me in it.

Yeah, having my mom here is great. Always good to give her a hug after.

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