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September 14, 2023

Evan Beck

Scarborough, New York, USA

Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. So tell me about this comeback.

EVAN BECK: Kind of got some putts to go in. I think it was pretty ugly on both of our parts. Definitely didn't play our best. I was fortunate to make a couple putts coming in.

Really nice eagle on 15.

Q. Could you describe that eagle?

EVAN BECK: Yeah, driver right down the middle. Had 5-iron in, 211. Kind of missed it right. You can't see where the flag is. I was aiming at the big flag pole and missed it a little right, and I had a putt that was up the ridge, breaking left, and then over the ridge breaking right and went right in the middle, probably 30 feet.

Q. Okay. And obviously that ignited something in you.

EVAN BECK: Yeah, for sure. Then we both hit it in the bowl on 16. I three-putted, he four-putted, which is ugly.

And then drove it in the bunker on 17 which is where I was trying not hit it. Hit it in the bunker and hit a really nice 52 from 114 yards to probably about 20 feet and broke about a cup right and dropped it right in the middle.

Q. Obviously got a feel for the greens, making these putts late. How will that help you as you go into the final?

EVAN BECK: I hope they keep going in. Definitely the course is drying up a little bit, which I think is good. Makes the greens a little quicker.

So hit a few putts before we go and do another 18 this afternoon.

Q. Whoever you meet in the final, have you played either one in match play previously?

EVAN BECK: I played with Stew a good amount. I have not played with Sam. Not played with Sam. But I've known Stew since we were kids.

Q. Let's say you saw Stew in the final, what does he bring to the table that you're going to have to combat?

EVAN BECK: Pretty stout resume. But that would be great. I'm happy to be in the final whoever I play. Hopefully make some birdies.

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