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September 14, 2023

James Morrison

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A 67, marker on the leaderboard at 5-under, tell us how you found it today.

JAMES MORRISON: It was good, yeah, I had some good bits and bad bits in there. A pretty poor three-putt at the first and rattled off some birdies coming up the second and third hole and then holed a wedge shot on the 4th for eagle which was a nice start. I played good in places.

The golf course is tough, right. The rough is definitely up this year. The greens are a lot firmer. You can't miss it in the right place and I kind of did that today and I got away with a few, and that's all part and parcel.

Q. Looks like the greens are running a lot quicker?

JAMES MORRISON: This is I think my 14th PGA now and probably the best I've ever seen it in terms of how they have mown the fairways down from the tee, how the tough stands out against the down grain cut on the fairways, firm greens. Course is playing best I've ever seen it and it's great to play, the crowds, the weather and being out this morning was such a nice pleasure to play.

You know, what the course is great. It's firm. It's going to get harder and got to keep ticking along.

Q. You've got some great results around here.

JAMES MORRISON: I've had a couple top 11s and I've been in contention a few times before and I was in contention last year after three days and had a bad final day but it's a golf course I like and I really feel like before the end of my career, whenever that will be, whenever game spits me out, it would be nice to have a really, really good week around here one year. Maybe it's this year, maybe it's not but stick to what I'm doing and see how it goes.

Q. You seem to be trending in the right direction to use that well-known term.

JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, I had a very, very slow start for the year and everyone who plays here for a long period of time knows you get off to quick starts and some years you don't. It's just the way it goes. The years are so long now; you have to see it as a journey and got to keep ticking through every week.

I've was working with Robert Rock till the start of the year, now not traveling anymore, which was quite difficult so we mutually parted ways about Belgium time.

So been working with Søren Hansen, ex-Ryder Cup player since Belgium and he's really transformed my game iron play-wise and I have a lot of confidence. Haven't finished a few weeks off, feel like every week I'm getting better and playing well and my brain is in a good spot. Takes one week to change the year and I've been playing nicely the last few months, so may it continue.

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