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September 13, 2023

Gretchen Johnson

Elverson, Pennsylvania, USA

Stonewall (North Course)

Quote Quotes

Q. I guess let's start with the match, this last match against Kimberly.

GRETCHEN JOHNSON: Hats off to Kim. She played steady and solid all day. I certainly had some opportunities early to take control of the match that I didn't convert on, and then had a little bit of a goofy stretch in the middle.

Kind of dug myself a little bit of a hole, and then started to give myself some opportunities at the end and just didn't convert.

Yeah, just unfortunately it's probably the worst I played all week, so the goal is always to play a little bit better each day, don't peak too soon. But that's the beauty of match play.

I know I've got the -- I know my game stacks up against anyone out here, so look forward to coming back next year and giving it another go.

Q. Have you played Brae Burn?

GRETCHEN JOHNSON: I have not, but I've heard good things.

Q. Yeah. You played some really good golf before that last match, just this whole week. What do you take away from the week overall?

GRETCHEN JOHNSON: Yeah, again, I think just more confidence. I was kind of late to golf and I still feel like I'm improving and that my best golf is still ahead of me, so I'm excited to continue to put in the work and see what comes of it.

Q. Laura mentioned that you and Amanda -- are you sticking around and playing in a Four-Ball qualifier?

GRETCHEN JOHNSON: Going back to Portland on Sunday and basically a week later flying back to play a qualifier at Concord Country Club because the local one was during this tournament.

Q. Okay.

GRETCHEN JOHNSON: It was last week.

Q. That's for the U.S. Four-Ball?

GRETCHEN JOHNSON: Yeah. I think we had the similar conflict last year, and we ironically came to Philly and qualified at Llanerch Country Club. Hoping for some good vibes in another couple weeks.

Q. Aside from that, do you have any other competitive events this fall?

GRETCHEN JOHNSON: Playing in the LNGA which got moved to October. Won that last year, so look forward to defending that. That's pretty much it.

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