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September 13, 2023

Jackie Rogowicz

Elverson, Pennsylvania, USA

Stonewall (North Course)

Quote Quotes

Q. ...just to have this type of performance in a national championship.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: Yeah, it's pretty special. It's my second Women's Mid Am and I only made it to the round of 16 last year, so it was nice to improve on that.

But it was really special just playing like a home game. I had like a lot of friends and family out, so it was really fun.

Q. It seemed like holes 8 and 9 were a key point in the match.


Q. Back-to-back par-5s. Just kind of take us through that sequence of holes for you.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: Yeah, so 7 is par-5, 8 is a par-5. Yeah, 7 I drove it in -- I had a fried egg which kind of stunk. I hit a good shot out and had a 5-iron in, and I hit a great shot to the center of the green, but just left it way short and missed that one.

Q. Okay.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: So my speed did feel like a little off in the afternoon, and then it's tough when she's not making any mistakes. I can't afford to do that.

And then 8 I played well. She hit her third shot and I was thinking I had an opportunity. She got it up and down and I had like a 10-footer maybe I just missed.

But like I said, some really good putts, especially on the back nine, and then just missed, yeah.

Q. Were conditions a little different this afternoon?

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: Maybe -- yeah, like --

Q. Certainly compared to previous days.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: Yeah, I mean, it's been fairly soft. I kind of felt like the greens were a little slower in the afternoon. Maybe that was just me. Maybe I just wasn't putting it as well.

Q. Want to go back to 7 for a second. You said you had 5-iron in your hand. What number...


Q. Okay. What did you have in your hand into 8 where you hit it to ten feet?

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: 54 degree wedge, yeah.

Q. Okay. Your lie was not good enough.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: I know. So during stroke play it wasn't reachable at all and I kind of just forgot that it could be reachable.

Yeah, I was bummed when I got up in the rough. I asked Terry, I was like, do you think I could have got there if I was in the fairway and he said yeah. So that kind of stunk.

But then I just figured I could still make a birdie. Hit a good shot. Felt like I hit a fine putt.

Q. What did you have in on 18?


Q. And that's a...


Q. Take us through the putt. What were you seeing?

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: Yeah, Terry said left edge and I agreed, and I felt like I hit it there but it kind of just wiggled right.

My dad said he watched a couple other people putt and do the same thing, so maybe a tricky putt. Yeah, I mean, in general these greens are tricky, so...

Q. Give us a thought on Kelsey's short game. Seemed like any opportunity you had on the back nine when she was missing greens or out of position; she was still able to come a which with a tie.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: It was really impressive. It started on 11. She was short of the green. She had chipped to like eight feet and made it.

On 12, she hit it in the left bunker and hit it to like a foot. I mean, 15 I think she had a chance for par and missed it, so then, yeah, I went to 1-down.

And then, yeah, 16 she got up and down.

Q. (Indiscernible.)


And then 17, I know she putted it, but she putted it like eight feet past and made that.

Got up and down on 18.

So it was tough. Yeah, she's a tough (indiscernible.)

Q. You said you feel like your control of the greens was a bit better on the back nine?

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: I feel like I hit good putts, yeah, it's just tough. Sometimes I guess they don't fall.

Q. Okay. You had two champions this morning.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I beat Lauren this morning I feel like I could've beaten Kelsey. It was close. Didn't go my way.

Q. How would you sum up the week? You played some amazing golf out here.

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: Yeah, it was awesome. I feel like I'll have really good memories, and being co-medalist, I've never done that before, so that's pretty cool. Yeah, I feel like I made a good run so I'm really happy with it.

Q. Excited to be back next year in Boston? Have you played there before?

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: I haven't. I think I'm exempt now, yeah.

Q. What do you take from this performance moving forward?

JACKIE ROGOWICZ: I think I can win a USGA event. I really do. So this one would be pretty special.

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