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September 13, 2023

Kelsey Chugg

Elverson, Pennsylvania, USA

Stonewall (North Course)

Quote Quotes

Q. Couple big wins today. Just talk to me about how you're feeling after that last match.

KELSEY CHUGG: Just feeling like still a bunch of adrenaline. Just really, really excited to be back in the final again.

You know, I really fought hard today. It was a tough match. Jackie is a great player and I'm proud of myself for grinding it out down the stretch.

Q. Seemed like you were putting well today. Couple nice par saves, I mean, 6 to 8, 10 footers.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah. Made a lot of really good ups and downs and par saves on the back nine. Few good putts on the front nine as well. Felt like it was rolling well.

Q. Talk me through I guess winning the stretch on the front nine, getting up when you got up three. You won 4, 6, 7. 6, did you stick it close there I think on the par-3?

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, the par-3, yeah, couple feet there, so that was a great birdie.

Then 7 her ball plugged in the bunker and she had to punch out. I hit it up by the flag and spun back off the green and lagged up to a foot and she ended up three-putting.

What was the other one?

Q. I guess we'll go to 9.

KELSEY CHUGG: 9 was a great shot in there. I had like 155 and hit a great 6-iron in there and made the putt for birdie.

So I was feeling pretty good at that point, just calm, but definitely nerves started to creep in a little bit on the back. The ball striking left me for a little while. I don't know if it ever came back honestly, but fortunately the short game came around and made some awesome ups and downs.

Q. Yeah. Talk about 15, shot from the trees.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, I mean, so that was totally -- we'll call it a blonde moment. Both ^ Lindsey, my caddie and I, she handed me driver on the tee and I took it and swung and just ripped one down there into the bunkers not thinking because the tee was moved up.

I had like 80 yards to the flag and just hit it a hair thin. Caught the lip of the bunker and went over into the trees and I just took -- it was up on leaves, like about a foot deep of leaves, and I just took a 7-iron and punched it down low.

It was one of the best shots I think I've ever hit. Unfortunately didn't get it up and down, but it was awesome.

And then, yeah, 16 just hit it long left and another really great chip there. Just had to use my hands.

Q. Yeah, not an easy chip. What's going through your head on that chip? Tell me about that a little.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, I saw her putt was really straightforward up the hill. I'm like, I just need to get this close and grind to get this up and down.

I just opened the face a little bit and tried to hit a nice soft shot and get it on the green, and it hit the green and was tracking right at the hole and hit the pin and got a conceded putt there.

So that was really nice.

Q. And then 17, blew it past a little bit, but not a testy par putt.

KELSEY CHUGG: I thought I missed it and saw it creep in the right edge and just felt so much relief seeing that go in.

Yeah, she's a grinder, so I was worried going into 18. I knew she would stuff one in there, and just wanted to make sure I was giving myself a chance, which I didn't, but then had a good recovery.

Q. It was a great chip. Back to the quarters. Beating Taryn this morning, that came down to the wire, too.


Q. How did you feel after that?

KELSEY CHUGG: Oh, man. You know, I just tried to stay calm and play my game the whole round. I got up but I knew it could turn. She's another one that like you can tell she's a grinder. She never gave up. Even until the last hole. She almost made that birdie putt to continue on.

So that one, again, was just like stick to my game plan, fairways, greens, try to get it in the hole if I can.

Q. Yeah. How do you feel about the state of your game right now? Seems like some of the best golf I've seen you play over the last handful of years.

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, it's been trending nicely the last few years. I haven't done very well in this tournament -- or I made it to match play and lost early, and I was just so excited to make it to yesterday.

Then, yeah, just to have an opportunity to be in the final again is amazing.

Q. You played in the 2018 Women's Open from your exemption.


Q. How does it feel to now have a chance to play for another Women's Open?

KELSEY CHUGG: So awesome. I think it's one of the coolest things that the USGA has done. I remember my first year when I won I qualified for the Women's Mid and I was talking to it was actually Jake Miller at the time. I was like dude, how cool would it be -- it might be more cool to play in the Women's Open than to win the Mid-Am, and then I won.

I think it's such a cool thing. It's important that we have that opportunity, too.

Q. Talk about Lindsey. Has she caddied for you in a USGA event before.

KELSEY CHUGG: She did caddie for me at -- in Flagstaff, Forest highlands, yeah.

Q. Your mom mentioned that. Has she almost been coaching you more recently?


Q. When did that kind of start recently?

KELSEY CHUGG: Like ten years actually. She's been my coach through college and everything. Great friends and she just -- has been amazing. She knows my swing and game better than anybody.

Q. What's the name of the nine holer that she?

KELSEY CHUGG: Forest Dale Golf Course.

Q. And then your mom driving out last night/this morning, making it just after you tee'd off this morning, how special is that?

KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, it's so awesome. I rarely have family or friends out here with me, so to have some support is amazing. Definitely there were -- there was a big crowd for Jackie today, and just to have my mom here was helpful.

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