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September 8, 2023

Billy Mayfair

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Norwood Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Billy, thanks for joining us. Currently top of the leaderboard. Got to feel good about round 1. A lot of golf left, but just biggest takeaways from today. What was working?

BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, I hit it really well today. I bogeyed the first hole. I kind of mis-hit it left of the green there and got it on the short side and bogeyed the first hole, and pretty much after that, I didn't have a 5 on the scorecard today, so that was always a good thing.

I putted real well. That was probably my best thing. But drove the ball well, and I love this golf course a lot, and this is our third year here and kind of getting used to it.

Q. How was it having the fans and the support that you've been receiving, just to have them here in St. Louis behind the TOUR and you specifically?

BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, it's wonderful. I've known a lot of the guys who played for the Cardinals and fans here and the gentleman I played with last year in the pro-am came out and followed me and watched me play. You pick up friends, new friends every year, and like I say, this is such a great sports town. It's great that we're here doing this.

Q. What is your Cardinal connection? You mentioned that.

BILLY MAYFAIR: Barry Weinberg, and Tony and I were real good friends when he was here, and he actually left here and went to the Diamondbacks for a little bit. They helped me and -- my son is right now with the California Angels, and there were some things they helped me with and helped him with to get used to the routine.

My son loves baseball, and we love -- I know how much you guys love baseball here, so this is such a great town.

Q. You've been playing well lately. Anything different? Anything change?

BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, talk to the wife here. She's kind of cracked the whip a little bit on me, but we've really worked hard on trying to get lined up better with the long irons, especially with my putting and using my eyes a lot more, and we just knew it was time. It was there. It felt good. We just needed a day when things started going in, and fortunately that was today.

Q. What did you fix?

BILLY MAYFAIR: I had a tendency to get right a lot, especially when I lined up, especially with my putting, and the more I tried to fix things, the more right and right I'd get, so we just had to get a chalk line down and work on my eyes, and once I started seeing the line -- it's amazing once I started seeing the line how solid the putts became and how good the speed was. It fell into place.

Q. Talk about your wife's background and how you trust her and how you guys work together on and off.

BILLY MAYFAIR: She's got two NCAA rings, so she was a very good player herself. We've been married now (indiscernible) years, and she's my partner, and she knows my game better than anyone. She sees things because she gets to stand there beside me and can see things that I can't see. She watches that ball take off and watches those putts go off. She picks up on things a lot quicker, and like I said, with as good of a player as she is, and we get home -- it's to do the dishes, and that's pressure. The loser has to do the dishes, so that's pressure. She's just got a great eye, and she knows the game, and I trust her.

Q. Can she beat you from the ladies' tees if she's playing --

BILLY MAYFAIR: Oh, she won't play from the ladies' tees, I know that. She may not be able to beat me. She can out-drive me, though.

Q. What's your personal best score as a professional?

BILLY MAYFAIR: 61. I've shot a couple 61s.

Q. Do you know where?

BILLY MAYFAIR: It was Las Vegas. I know the one I shot --

Q. It was on the regular tour?

BILLY MAYFAIR: It was on the big tour, yeah. I haven't shot 61 out here yet, but I think a couple 64s out here, but today was definitely a good round.

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