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September 8, 2023

Hurly Long

Straffan, County Kildare, Ireland

The K Club, Ryder Course

Quick Quotes

Q. 66 around The K Club, the way it's set up at the moment is a good day's work. How would you evaluate your second round here?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, really happy. Yesterday I hit the ball better. I felt like today I kind of lost -- I don't want to say lost the swing but lost the swing feel I had but managed my ball really well. Yeah, it's a lot of fun with the weather this good. It's scorable because it is a tough course. So I think the weather makes it possible.

Q. A couple of eagles on your card but the one on 2 was a little bit more special. Tell us about that?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, it was. Any time you have to, like I had some trees in my way. You have to cut it out of the rough and it's pretty dry rough. It's not the easiest of things but I trusted the number, hit a really nice shot but based off the crowd reaction, I didn't think it was in, actually.

So I got it up there and it was in and that was pretty cool.

Q. Respectable week at Mount Juliet last year, two back from the leaders. What do you need to do to make sure tomorrow that you're in contention?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, I've been in a good spot mentally this week. My game is really coming around nice. It's not perfect yet but it's in a good spot, so I just need to keep going out there, making committed swings and see what happens.

Q. It does look like there's going to be a little bit of rain but especially on Sunday, there's going to be some adverse weather conditions. How much is that going to shake things up?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, any time the weather has anything to say it's going to make a difference. But we'll see. We are in Ireland, so I'm expecting the rain, but I was going to say, it might be sunny. We'll see. Just take it as it comes.

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