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September 8, 2023

Rose Zhang

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Kenwood Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Rose Zhang after the second round at the Kroger Queen City Championship. Different round for you today. What was working differently than yesterday?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, today was definitely a lot better. I felt like I was rolling my putts well. I was hitting where I needed to be. In the middle of the round had little slight mishaps, but overall I'm very satisfied with the way I'm playing and how I'm committing to every single shot.

Q. Where are the tricky parts of this course that not just you, but where people make mistakes? Where do those come from?

ROSE ZHANG: I think it's in general the front nine is already very difficult in that you have to place your shots. It's a game of precision and being able to put the ball where you need to be is quite crucial.

I would say approach shots. Some holes tend to bounce out; some holes tend to spin. Knowing how to hit your yardages and getting those numbers dialed in very important for everyone.

But these greens are also very slippery. I would say fast greens, knowing your pace, all very important.

Q. I know that some of the holes are a little shorter. Were they shorter today or yesterday?

ROSE ZHANG: They were shorter on both days.

Q. Reachable for you?

ROSE ZHANG: It depends on what kind of par-5s today because the wind switched up a little bit from yesterday. So some of them weren't reachable, while other ones were.

I think for the long hitters it's definitely an asset to be able to get the ball going.

Q. You play really well on Saturdays it seems. Moving day is good day for you. How excited are you to be in the chase? I know there is a big gap on the leaderboard right now, but you really often taken advantage of moving days.

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, I try my best. Tomorrow the game plan is going to be the same and I'm going to try to do what I can to be able to give myself more opportunities, but keep it simple. And.

Moving day, if opportunities arise I'm going to try to take them. If they don't, I'll just be patient.

Q. Do you know Money very well? I know you guys chatted right here.

ROSE ZHANG: I do actually. When I was an amateur we played on the Epson Tour, used to be the Symetra before that. We played a few rounds together. We even played a fun practice round in San Diego once.

We've been pretty close and she's been someone who has been on tour for a while, so I have received a lot of great advice from her, too.

Q. So it's cool so to see her succeeding today.

ROSE ZHANG: It's amazing. I'm so happy for her. I know she's a grinder at heart and she's always been one to be positive and optimistic about her game no matter what, and to see it pay off, I think it's really admirable.

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