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April 21, 1994

Jim Courier


Q. What is it that is happening here that wasn't happening in Barcelona?

JIM COURIER: I found my patience. Basically Barcelona, I just come from playing on the grass in India; been a long time since I played on clay; actually since the French. Just took me a while to kind of figure out what I needed to do to play. I needed to really have one match a little easier to get into the feel of things and I played Corretja which is not an easy draw in the first round there. I am glad that I found my form in Nice and right now, I am pretty comfortable; feeling pretty good and, you know, as long as I am patient I have got the weapons to hurt guys. As long as I don't hurt myself, I am in good shape out there.

Q. Jim, are you going back to the States before the French, because you have got quite a heavy schedule?

JIM COURIER: No, I am going back - sure I am going back. After this tournament, I am going back to Florida for two weeks, then I play Rome. Watch a little NBA playoffs.

Q. Jim, would you yet include Gaudenzi among that group of perhaps that might cause a little bit of havoc somewhere, or perhaps does he need a little bit more experience?

JIM COURIER: I think he is rapidly improving Gaudenzi. Usually the Italian players tend to be a little weak mentally. It seems to have been the tendencies the last - I don't know - as long as I have been playing. And he seems to be a bit of a fighter, and maybe that is because he has been working out with Muster a lot; I think that maybe Thomas has rubbed off on him. Certainly a good role model for anybody. He is talented. First time I really hit with him was in Barcelona. We had some good practice there, and I know he has been playing very well. He played well in Barcelona. He made the finals in a challenger here, and obviously beating Krajicek is a good result, too. So he is coming. It is very promising for Italy.

Q. Jim, can you answer in Italian for me?

JIM COURIER: No, I can't. Maybe in a couple of years.

Q. One question for Italian TV: The idea of the tennis that Andrea Gaudenzi played today?

JIM COURIER: Gaudenzi played today - he was pretty patient, for the most part. The match - I didn't miss much - you know, and it was close match all the way. And no, I think that he played very well. He is, like I said before, he is coming; he is rapidly improving. So I think between he and Pescosolido - who I think is also rapidly improving - it is looking pretty good for Italy in the short-term.

Q. Jim, you played a lovely drop shot in the first game to win it and another fine lob in the second game. Those are those early examples indicating how relaxed and happy you are at the moment, the way your game is going?

JIM COURIER: I mean, he was standing way in the back of the baseline, so I figure I will throw a drop shot and see if he can come up and get it. But, yeah, I guess my overall happiness is translating, yeah; I don't know how else to put it.

Q. What was the thinking behind coming - I don't know if you answered this yesterday - coming over here by yourself? Was there any particular --

JIM COURIER: I wasn't entered to play here. I took a wildcard last minute because I didn't play well in Barcelona, and I wanted to play some more matches. And Brad had been over with me; we came here the week inbetween Davis Cup and Barcelona and practiced here; then we went to Barcelona and Nice, and Brad travels a lot, and he has got a family, and I think his wife would have inflicted some bodily damage if he didn't come home, so, that is a nice way of saying it, she would have cut something off. So better that he went home and I can handle being on my own for a week. It is good for me. It is good for me to have to take care of myself, and I am kind of enjoying it, actually.

Q. This is not a regular --

JIM COURIER: I don't anticipate it at all. I certainly like having Brad and Jose around because it helps to have someone just see what you are doing. When you are playing well, it is easy. It is when you are not playing as well as that you need somebody around you.

Q. What do you think of the mental toughness of Medvedev and what were your results against him?

JIM COURIER: Well, last time we played is the infamous "book match" from Frankfurt, so I think that you guys might have a rememberance of that match particularly, but we have played a few times. I am not sure if we have played more than twice in tournaments. I know I played him in the French. I played him in an exhibition before also. He is very tough, very talented young player, and he is a funny, funny kid. I think it will be a fun match going out there and playing. We are going to have-- should have a good time playing and it should be entertaining for everybody, including myself.

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