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March 27, 1996

Jim Courier


JOE LYNCH: First question for Jim?

Q. You seemed frustrated in the end. How do you feel now?

JIM COURIER: Well, I guess, yeah, pretty frustrated when I lose most of the time. I feel okay now.

Q. Can you put this loss in perspective for us?

JIM COURIER: Put it in perspective?

Q. Yes.

JIM COURIER: There's life and there's tennis. There you go.

Q. How big a disappointment is it, though?

JIM COURIER: Like I said, there's life and there's tennis. There's your perspective. Don't dig too much for the story. It's right there.

Q. He pretty much came in here and said he thinks he just got lucky in a lot of places. Is that what you put it down to?

JIM COURIER: You don't win matches just by being lucky. He played some good tennis on some big points.

Q. Jim, on a number of his service games, you got up 15-40, Love-40, and for some reason you couldn't seem to put the game away. Is there any reason for that or does that frustrate you even more so that you couldn't break it?

JIM COURIER: It's good to have the chances; it's a shame not to convert. Better to have the chances and not to convert than to never have them at all. Does anybody else feel like we're at the dentist's office?

Q. What were your thoughts on the officiating today?

JIM COURIER: I need some shots of novocaine.

Q. What were your thoughts on the officiating today?

JIM COURIER: I don't have any thoughts. I don't have any.

Q. Arnaud was saying that he actually felt -- I guess he hit with you 18 months ago, two weeks ago he practiced with you at Indian Wells. He felt that now you're really hitting the ball stronger than you were then. He feels there's more confidence and more strength to your game. Do you feel that way?

JIM COURIER: Sometimes.

Q. I guess today it's not one of those days.

JIM COURIER: You might ask me another time. Good, well. I'm glad. Thanks. It was a lot of fun.

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