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August 11, 2023

Ryann O'Toole

London, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. 2-under par, pleased at the halfway stage with the score?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, I am. I was very consistent today, bogey-free, so I will take it and run for the weekend with it.

Q. The bean back nine, a couple of birdies, was it as challenging out there today as it was yesterday and?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yes and no, some pins are a little more tucked today. We didn't have as much wind as we did yesterday, so you know, some of those holes that really get into the wind, especially to start, the first couple holes, those things are long, especially into the wind.

But then you didn't have as drastic of downwind holes either. But for the most part, I think it played very similar to yesterday. I got off just to a better start today.

I just know that the first few, you've got to leave -- four or five, even par, you're looking good. So I just kind of kept waiting and staying patient and made a couple birdies on the back side and I'll take the score.

Q. What's the challenge been like for you on a personal level compared to the normal golf you're used to playing?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Out there?

Q. Compared to what you're usually playing?

RYANN O'TOOLE: The holes are much longer. It's definitely keep it out of the heather. I did really well yesterday. I hit 12 fairways and the two other fairways, I hit one in the bunker and another two were just in the first cut.

So I did really well with that. Today I only hit one in the heather and still managed to make par.

So I feel like as long as I continue hitting fairways and keeping the ball in position, I think you have ability to score out here.

I have not capitalised on the par 5s this week. I get it out there but it's just tough. It's like you hit it out of the bunkers check, I'm chipping it around the greens, they release a lot more. It's hard to kind of like judge it. I think that's been the toughest part.

But you know, I'd guess through the weekend, I'm saving the par 5s for the Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Obviously the leaderboard at the moment, we have a runaway leader?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, I know.

Q. She's playing incredible but obviously try and catch her over the weekend?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, she's definitely running with it right now. She's playing good. I think she's about to make another birdie on 11, I was just watching.

You know, it could go any way. You start not hitting tee shots as well and you start finding the, heather it can take the game away completely. I just need to stay patient, focus on my game, continue doing what I'm doing and see where it leaves me come Sunday.

36 more holes, so we are only halfway there.

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