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March 9, 1999

Nicolas Kiefer


GREG SHARKO: First question for Nicolas.

Q. What were you thinking when he came back in the third set? Were you starting to feel a little bit nervous?

NICOLAS KIEFER: Not nervous. I knew it's really a big competition against him because he never gives up. He's fighting for every ball. I knew it's going to be tough. I mean, I was happy that I made the break. But he played very good then. It's good for me that I won.

Q. Big relief when he double-faulted?

NICOLAS KIEFER: I mean, maybe he wanted to make a big serve. But that's his fault. For me it was perfect; I didn't have to do so much.

Q. How do you think you've been playing so far this year?

NICOLAS KIEFER: I think quite good. I mean, I started very good in Australia, and then in Dubai, and also Rotterdam and London I didn't play bad. I just had some tough draws. I think I played very good. So far, so good. It's okay.

Q. Was it Safin that beat you in Rotterdam?


Q. One silly question. Why are you now not wearing a hat when you play?


Q. Yes. You had your very short haircut; you now have a full head of hair.

NICOLAS KIEFER: When my hair is short, I have to wear a hat, otherwise I get a sunburn. Now my long hair is protecting everything.

Q. I wondered if you sort of grew out of it in more ways than one.


Q. Were you wearing it before as --?

NICOLAS KIEFER: When I want to wear a hat, I wear it. When I don't want, I leave it.

Q. What are you working on particularly with Bob Brett at the moment?

NICOLAS KIEFER: I can answer that very short: on everything. I mean, I play a lot from the baseline. I practice a lot from the baseline. Also physically I did a lot. I think I can see it in my match, in my game.

Q. How do you feel Patrick is playing at the moment?

NICOLAS KIEFER: I think he's playing very good. You could see it today. His serve is very good. He moves very good at the net. I mean, that's his game, serve and volley. He had some very good shots today. Some part of his game I had very good returns and I could pass him.

Q. Was that the biggest key then, your returns?

NICOLAS KIEFER: Yeah, I think so. And also passing shots.

Q. Have they sorted out what's going to happen about the doubles team for your Davis Cup match?

NICOLAS KIEFER: We have a lot of solutions.

Q. Have they come to one yet?

NICOLAS KIEFER: No, not yet.

Q. Do you have any particular views on what might be best?

NICOLAS KIEFER: First of all, I play Indian Wells and Key Biscayne, then it's Davis Cup. I mean, we have Goellner playing. I can play with Goellner. I can play with Boris. Boris can play with Marc and Marc can play with David. We can do a lot.

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